Roland Aerocaster and Web Presentation DockContent creators are the new celebrities of this age. Streaming content online has become extremely popular for all of us in recent years and Roland is one of the first to recognize this with their unique A/V production interfaces, which make it very easy to make any kind of live presentations or programs look professionally produced. We are giving two different interfaces away in this contest. Read on to find out how they could be useful for you, or someone you know!

Create content like a pro with Roland’s AeroCaster livestream system

Using the AeroCaster to stream an interviewIf you have been thinking of starting a YouTube channel, streaming a podcast with your friends, or recording a comedy sketch or a music video that you’ve always wanted to, Roland’s award winning AeroCaster livestream system is a handy little A/V tool that will make it a breeze. It’s designed entirely to be totally portable and used with devices you likely already have. The AeroCaster must be connected to an iPad and can support up to four mobile devices over Wi-Fi, which will function as cameras. This means you can have four different cameras or scenes to switch between for your production, including a browser window on a laptop, and the extra iPad camera.

But what does all that mean exactly? Well, the AeroCaster interface basically allows you to manage the production of your content so that the output looks professional. It’s an extremely versatile device that is made more powerful when using the AeroCaster LIVE app, which is free. Using the app, microphones, and your four-camera setup you can record or live stream a DJ set, interview, stand up comedy, or IRL activities—all with just a strong internet connection. In fact, the app has so many options you can customize, including additional media inputs and video and audio transitions, that I’ll let Nikolai explain how it can be used to play around with content in his review of the Roland AeroCaster.

Suffice it to say that the AeroCaster interface provides a super easy and affordable way to not only get started with content production but to get your content noticed for its quality. With the myriad options available, you can make your productions as complex or as basic as you want.

Level up your pitch meetings with the Roland Web Presentation Dock and gooseneck microphone

Using the Roland Web Presentation Dock Have you ever wished that Teams meetings could be more fun? Or that you could spice up that monthly PowerPoint report? A lot of people, including us blog editors, work from home these days and that means pretty much all our meetings happen on a 2D screen. If as part of your job, you have to make sales pitches often or need to get your co-workers excited about a new project in the department, then Roland’s Web Presentation Dock can help you build up the hype. This A/V dock plugs into your laptop and allows you to connect an HD camera and a microphone to use during your meetings. It has simple controls to adjust volume levels as well as buttons to easily mute/unmute yourself and cue any audio and video you need for your presentations. The gooseneck microphone is easily adjustable and only picks up the sound that is directed into it. That means your colleagues would no longer have to hear your cat meowing for food in the background!

The Web Presentation Dock means you can give your regular work meetings some extra pizzazz. Using a quality camera and microphone instead of your laptop’s in-built devices ensures that you’ll look and sound awesome as you make your important presentations, which will definitely get you noticed. The dock also has funny voice modulator and sound effects buttons that you can use to add a little surprise, flair, or comedy to your meetings. Who says you can’t have a little fun while being professional? Check out Nikolai’s review of the Roland Web Presentation Dock to see the effects in action and to learn how the dock can be used.

How you can enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways.

1. In a comment under this article, pick the interface that is the most interesting to you and tell us what kind of content (music video, cooking demo, comedy sketch, etc.) you would create for others using it.
2. In a comment under either the AeroCaster review or the Web Presentation Dock review, name the option or feature you would utilize the most on that interface.
3. For up to two (2) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) sharing with your friends and followers one reason why you want to win one of these Roland interfaces; include the hashtag #BestBuyRolandContest, so we can find your post, and include one of the pictures showing on this article. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any two social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.), but the post must be public so we can verify it is there.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two (2) winners from all eligible entries. One winner will receive the Roland Aerocaster that was reviewed on the blog, the other winner will receive the Roland Web Presentation Dock that was reviewed on the blog and a new Roland CGM-30 Gooseneck Microphone.

This contest runs from July 13th to July 27th.

Remember, you can enter this contest in three different ways for a total of four entries. Share this contest with your friends and colleagues so that they can learn about these unique prizes and have a chance to win too!

Win a Roland A/V Production Interface Rules and Regulations

Good luck!

Mahima Bhagwat
Mahima is an editor at Best Buy Canada. She likes to watch sci-fi, supernatural, horror, and comedy TV shows and movies, and plays video games in her free time. When not avidly consuming content, she pursues her passion for storytelling by editing books and short stories, specializing in speculative fiction.


  1. I am very happy to announce the winner(s) of the Roland A/V interfaces:

    Justin E – Windsor, ON
    Michel G – Laval, QC

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  3. I would love to spice up my team meetings with Roland Web Presentation Dock and gooseneck microphone

  4. The interface that is most interesting to me would be the AeroCaster livestream system so that I could create podcasts for others to listen to.

  5. The Roland Web Presentation Dock would be my choice, has the features i need to stream live music performances,

  6. The Roland Aerocaster is my choice. My husband and I like to make remixes/ensembles of our favourite songs and shoot videos for them as well.

  7. The aerocaster is my top choice. I want start live streaming gaming content and this would be awesome.

  8. The Aerocaster is most interesting to me…I would use it to make awesome content videos to help my ELL students!

  9. I would pick the AeroCaster. I already do live streaming and this would improve the quality of my content immensely.

  10. The Aerocaster interface is the most interesting. I would like to comedy sketches with it.

  11. The web presentation dock would be super helpful for work presentations and the aerocaster would be great for creating company content

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