I recently posted a gift guide for those people looking to get something for the aspiring guitarist and it covers all of the essentials from guitars to amps and some must have accessories. But what if the person you are looking to buy that special gift for already has the basics? This blog will help you consider a variety of different ideas to meet a wide range of needs and wants for guitar players of all levels from intermediate and up.

Must Haves Guitar Gift Ideas

ghsThere are certain things that a guitar player always needs handy and make appreciated gifts to be sure. Two of the most obvious are strings and picks. The difficult part about gifting these is that for most guitar players, these items are personal in nature. That is to say that they not only prefer a specific brand of string but also the gauge of the strings. If your gift is a surprise then it is harder to buy these kinds of items, but certainly not impossible. There is the old buy what you think is close, make sure you keep the receipt, and if you’re wrong they can swap for the one they want. Another obvious tactic is to simply ask although this risks the surprise for sure. You can also ask their friends if they know, or arguably the most interesting option, slip on the Sherlock hat and start doing some investigating. See if they have some packs of strings laying around. Guitar players also have a preferred thickness for picks but may have a couple random ones strewn about so you can get the thickness from the label, take one with you to compare, or at least note the colour as this is usually indicative of the thickness for each brand.


standGuitar stands are another important part of the guitar player’s setup. there are the types that stand on the floor and support your guitars while protecting them from fallovers. There are also ones that secure to the wall and let you proudly hang your instruments like the beautiful works of art that they are. You can get both types that work with electric and/or acoustic guitars and some that hold the guitar by cradling the body or by hanging it from the headstock. You can also get stands that hold multiple instruments. These various stands also help you to maximize floor space.


strapA guitar strap is essential as well, especially if you are going to play live or even if you want to practice while standing rather than sitting. Straps have become much more ergonomically friendly recently and you can buy some that leave your shoulders feeling fresh even after a couple hours of hanging your monster Les Paul around your neck. Another VERY important part of this, and if you’ve ever been playing your guitar only to have the strap slip off and your guitar crashed to the floor, are Strap Locks. Simply install on your guitar, put on your strap, and the strap slip catastrophe is a thing of the past. In the words of Ron Popeil, set it and forget it.


Good to Have Guitar gift ideas


pholderI surveyed my own music room to see what I have that I consider an integral part of my guitar life and also browsed through the Best Buy Canada website to see what was there that I didn’t have but really wished that I did. Some of the smaller items that stood out for me were products like a pick holder. I have one on the back of my main guitar’s headstock so I always have a pick close by. I also have one attached to the front of my amplifier head. In a live scenario, a dropped pick is quickly mitigated as I simply pop out a new one. It is also good for keeping track of picks because I’m sure mine grow legs and simply walk away. You can also get a Dunlop pick holder that attaches to your mic stand and are an even better option when playing on stage.


cablesOne mantra I live by is that you can never have too many guitar cables. If one fails (and they will, when you can least afford it to), you don’t have to park the guitar, climb in your vehicle, and head to the store in order to finish that opus you were working on. Simply pull one out and add one in. Technology has also allowed for cables to become specific to different guitar demands. Monster makes guitar cables for acoustic guitars and electric guitars for example.


gibson-stoolOne thing that I don’t have, and really need to get, is a guitar stool. I often end up practicing in my office chair and since it has arms, I need to scooch forward to the edge ensuring the guitar will rest on my knees without hitting the chair’s arms. Not an ideal position for practicing, or maintaining a pain free back. You can even add to this by adding a footrest so that when seated on the stool, your foot is supported and elevated providing a perfect angle in your leg to hold and play your guitar.


Extras Guitarists will love


irigWhen it comes to accessories, the IK Multimedia line of products are tough to beat. The iRig Pro mobile audio/midi interface, that I reviewed here, lets a guitarist record to a mobile device or their computer and is something I use often to capture ideas. The iRig Acoustic Microphone clips onto an acoustic guitar and lets you record with amazing clarity and quality. You can check out the full line of really cool IK Multimedia accessories for musicians. And if you really really love the guitar player in your life, just know that that they will love you forever if you were to get them the Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty. I hope you’re reading this, Mrs Soze.

As always, look online or stop by your local Best Buy store and check out all of the great gift ideas for guitar players of all levels.

Darren Blakeborough
My day job is as an Assistant Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley. My primary teaching and research interests revolve around popular culture and technology. I am an adequate at best guitar player currently attempting to romanticize my inglorious youth in a Hair Metal cover band called "Glam Chowder”. When not working or watching TV, I am usually listening to music, recording music, playing music, or trying to figure out what gear I need to make all of that music sound even better.