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Nice weather means you can branch out beyond your four walls and start enjoying the outdoors again. One of my favourite parts of the onset of good weather is getting to relax outside, so I always welcome a new season with my yearly backyard patio makeover.

It’s a great time for a backyard patio makeover

Just like the inside of your home, any type of outside space is a part of your house, too. Patios, porches, sundecks, and undercover spaces are all an extension of your home and it’s fun to change them up every year. Some years you can do little changes like adding new lighting and outdoor accessories like throw pillows and storage, while other years you’ll need to upgrade to a full set of patio furniture, outdoor table, or patio heater.

No matter where you live in Canada, even if you’re still under a few feet of snow, you can begin planning or start your own backyard patio makeover, too. I like makeovers that take a few days or less, so rather than pavers and shovels, I re-do my patio with patio furniture and patio accessories.

Here are a few tips if you’d like to makeover your outdoor space this year. You won’t have to spend a lot of time to see a huge improvement.

Is this the year you invest in patio furniture?

One of the best ways to assess what you need to do to makeover your patio is to take a look at older photos of your patio or outdoor space.

patio set for family

Did your furniture look older? Do the cushions need a refresh? What was missing from the photo, after seeing it with fresh eyes? Planning is a big part of a speedy outdoor renovation, especially if a new patio set is on your list of upgrades. When your furniture is old, broken, or run down, it can ruin the entire look of your patio.

Patio sets to fit your family

The latest patio furniture sets look amazing and are styled more like a very comfortable outdoor couch than the same-old lawn chairs. I love the curved look of full wicker sets with cushions and pillows, and I can imagine how cozy it would be to curl up out there with a blanket and a good book.

There are many different styles of patio sets; some large, some small, and some with enough seating for your entire family. One tip for when you’re looking at patio furniture to seat a large group: I recommend adding individual seating too. There are patio furniture for twohammocks and swing chairs built for one or two, and they’re a fun addition that doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Small patio sets for smaller spaces

If you’re a couple or have limited space, you can even choose a comfy set built for smaller spaces. Or, if you like the comfort of an Adirondack chair, you can mix and match single patio chairs for a campfire feel. Add one, two, or four, and everyone will have a spot around the fire.

Warm up your patio with patio heaters

Paramount Noah Propane/Natural Gas Square Fire Pit Table If your patio is away from your house, one of the best additions is a fire pit table. There are wood fire pits you can use to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, or if you’d rather use propane than wood, there are propane fire pits that give over 50,000 BTUs of cozy heat. This type of fire pit can be converted to natural gas too.

If your patio is attached to your house and you find you don’t want to spend time out there because it’s too chilly, you can warm it up, too. Try adding outdoor heaters like a propane heater or outdoor space heater. There are even table-top patio heaters from Napoleon that sit neatly on your patio table and give off 10,000 BTUs or flame patio heaters that can heat up your patio with up to 46,000 BTUs.

Gazebos offer an instant backyard patio makeover

gazebos mosquito nettingIf you’ve got a big yard or a yard with a lot going on, one of the biggest challenges is defining your patio space. Some people use paver blocks, landscape rocks, or a built-in deck to define their patio, but if you want an easy one-day solution, I highly recommend adding shade to define your outdoor living area.

Gazebos give you an instant backyard patio makeover. They provide you with shelter when you need it, and they also give you an area to place your patio furniture, patio tables, and patio storage. I’m a huge fan of large outdoor gazebos with UV-resistant roofs to protect you from rain. I also love mosquito netting and zippered sidewalls. There are always parts of summer when you need one or both options, and they will keep the pests out while making sure you’re warm and cozy on chilly nights.

If you don’t have a lot of space but you still want a roof over your head, there are also smaller gazebos with metal posts and zippered close doors. With mosquito netting, you can enjoy the patio in the thick of insect season, and smaller gazebos are easy to set up or pick up and move anywhere.

Patio accessories personalize your patio

edison string patio lightsThere is just something about outdoor cushions. I’m a bit of a collector of cushions, and I think if they look good, the entire patio looks good. I always pack up my cushions and store them in a shed each year, but after a few years, they definitely need replacing. Changing them out can make an entire backyard space look different in minutes. Go for your favourite bright colours for an instant boost to your mood.

Patio umbrellas are another way you can add to your backyard patio makeover. A cheery umbrella over your patio table can be really inviting when you have guests over.

One last must-have patio accessory? I don’t think any patio is complete without a set of outdoor lights. I love the cafe globe and Edison lights, and I also love the function and style of outdoor smart lights. They give you full app-based control of your garden lights, are controllable from your phone, and are the perfect way to light up your patio.

Portable spa anyone?

patio portable hot tubsNot everyone has the right electrical hook-ups for a hot tub, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a spa in the backyard. For sheer portability and fast setup, an inflatable spa is a great choice. If you think they won’t get hot enough to ease sore muscles, think again. They can actually reach temps up to 40 degrees, and sinking into bubbly hot water would be a great way to end a spring or summer evening.

Patio makeover in a flash

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort on your part right now, but a backyard patio makeover will pay off in a big way when the warmer weather hits. When you’re ready to relax outside in your shorts and a T-shirt, your patio will be ready for you.

Spring is here, and there is no reason you can’t kick off patio season by getting a head start on your backyard patio makeover right now. Check out all of the patio furniture on Best Buy Online and get ready to relax outside.

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