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If you’re one of the many people who have shifted to full-time or part-time working at home or you know someone who does, you might want to consider choosing a gift to help improve their space as they work from home. There are a lot of different devices and gear they can use to make themselves productive or help boost their mood when in the home office.

The best gifts for people working from home

Here are a few gift ideas for anyone working from home. You can use these ideas to inspire you as you make your gift list this year.

Personal care

personal care for working from home

Working at home means working where you eat, sleep, work out, and live with other people. Personal care becomes more important when you start and finish your work day in the exact same place. It’s all too easy to get burnt out or feel a drop in mood when you spend 24/7 in the same location, and there are different personal care devices to help ease aches and pains or elevate your mood.

Create your own spa at home

You don’t have to head out the door to experience the feeling of being at a spa. There are a lot of different ways to give the gift of a spa experience they can use at home again and again. If they have a regular masseuse they can set up their own massage table right at home. There are also foot massagers, stone heating units for hot stone massage, and oil warmers.

If they’d like a quick solution for neck or shoulder pain, you can gift them a massage gun to soothe aches and pains from hunching over a computer all day. With different therapeutic settings, a massage gun is a great gift to ease the strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Gifts to help them take care of their teeth

water flosser for oral healthA lot of people who work at home get up out of bed and go immediately to work. When you feel as though you don’t have time to brush your teeth or floss because you have to be in front of your computer, it’s really useful to have oral care devices to make the most of the minutes you do have. You can give the gift of a smart toothbrush that helps them brush better or a water flosser to reach between teeth.

Having good oral care devices can also save them money when they visit the dentist because they’ll have fewer issues with their teeth. I personally swear by my water flosser for fast and effective flossing, and I’ve picked up a few to give as gifts this holiday.

Health and fitness gifts for anyone working at home

There are a lot of great health and fitness gift ideas for people who work at home. You can give them the gift of exercise equipment so they can set up a small home gym, smart scales to make it easy to track their weight on a busy day, or a yoga mat so they can stretch out and destress after a long day in front of a computer. Out of all of the health and fitness gifts you can choose, one of the best is a fitness wearable.

Wearables remind you when to move fitness trackers to help meditate

Fitness wearables will track your heart rate and let you know how many calories you’ve burned during workouts. Depending on the type of wearable you choose your tracker may also monitor your heart rate. But there are a few features on fitness trackers that are great for anyone who works from home. Some will remind you when to get up and move so you don’t sit in front of the computer for too long. Having a vibration on your wrist reminds you to get up and stretch, and you can even monitor your hours standing so you know you aren’t spending too much time sitting down.

Some fitness wearables or smartwatches will monitor your stress levels too, and they can suggest when it’s time to take a minute to meditate or breathe deeply. To help them de-stress, you can also give the gift of an aromatherapy device or white noise machine to help make it easier for your gift recipient to meditate in their home office. I always play my white noise machine when working, even if I’m the only one at home. The constant hum helps me focus on the task at hand.

Tune into music or take calls with earbuds

ear buds for work at homeA set of earbuds is for more than just listening to music. When you give the gift of noise cancelling or truly wireless earbuds, you give the gift of freedom. They won’t have to connect to their computer or phone via cords and they can take calls and make calls without picking up their phone.

Noise-cancelling earbuds also let them tune out the world when they want to. If they work at home and they live in a shared space or the neighbourhood is noisy, noise cancelling can block everything out. You can also use noise cancelling and play white noise or brown noise to help with concentration.

Computer accessories make the work day easier

increase productivity new keyboardThere are a few different computer accessories you can gift to make every working from home day a little bit easier. A new computer mouse can be helpful because it can program shortcut buttons and take a few steps out of repetitive tasks. You can also gift them with a new keyboard with a numbered keypad so they don’t have to slow down to type numbers for data entry.

Speed up their Wi-Fi connection

One of the biggest issues so many of us have when working at home is a slow Wi-Fi network. When the network is lagging because of heavy local traffic or they have dead zones in their home, a new mesh router will be a very welcome gift. There are different mesh routers to choose from, and you can find whole home routers with several pods they can place in important areas like their home office. They can also use range extenders if they want their Wi-Fi signal to be stronger in one area of their home.

Shine a light on content creation

range extender to boost Wifi signalContent creators who work at home are always looking for new ways to enhance videos or make editing videos easier. If I think about what I’d love as a gift to help me work at home, one of the first devices I’d put on my wish list is a flexible light for videos and product images. I reviewed Logitech lights for content creators and I was so impressed with the warm glow and how well the lights lit up a dark room.

A portable hard drive is also a great gift for anyone who makes videos at home, especially if they are always running out of hard drive space. With an external hard drive, they can offload edited videos or free up space on their computer to create a long video.

Make every working from home day the best it can be

There are so many working from home gift options for friends, family, or to put on your own wish list. These are gifts that are really appreciated because people don’t always have the time to add the little tech upgrades to make working from home easier. No matter who you’re buying for, you’ll find a variety of great gifts at Best Buy.

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