motorola digital video baby monitor.jpgGetting gifts for babies and toddlers is perhaps just as fun for the person buying them as it is for the little ones receiving them. Not only do you get to peruse all of the fun toys and cute clothing, but you also get to see their faces light up when they unwrap a package in excitement.

And there is so much from which to choose. Do you buy an electronic toy? Something educational? A cute outfit? Or some items that might make mom and dad’s life easier as well?

Here’s a list of some of the best gifts for 2015 to choose for kids from newborn right up to the toddler twos.

Baby monitor

Among the gear I would deem “essential” for a new baby is a monitor. Yet it something that new moms and dads sometimes don’t include on their wish lists. Motorola’s 3.5” Digital Video Baby Monitor is a great choice because it allows the parents to keep a watchful eye – not just ear – on their newborn. Plus, it can pan and tilt, controlled through the monitor, so you can use it later to keep an eye on an active toddler who’s able to climb out of his crib, or might already be in a day bed.

Cute clothing

jojo maman bebe plaid hooded shirt.jpgBabies grow out of their clothes quickly. And most people tend to give new parents items they can use right away. In some cases, whether it’s due to weather or a baby being born larger than expected, the baby may grow out of it before he’s even had the chance to wear it! For the holidays, think ahead to what a child might need going forward, like warm weather wear, hats, and mittens. And size up. Layers are a welcome addition to any baby’s or toddler’s wardrobe.

This plaid hooded shirt from JoJo Maman Bebe is great to wear on its own in the fall, indoors, or under a warm winter jacket. There are options for both 1, 2, and 3-year-old sizes. It’s made from 100% cotton and is machine-washable in the event of a spill or spit-up.

Stroller Sleeping Bag

Speaking of layers, a cozy zip-up sleeping bag is a great option to wear in the stroller or carrier. This way, parents don’t have to remove and put back on layer upon layer of clothing every time they go from inside to out. Zip baby up in the bag, and she’ll stay toasty warm, then unzip it when you get indoors.

mountain buggy universal sleeping bag.jpgThis one from Mountain Buggy is a good gift option since its universal, and compatible with a wide range of strollers. Made with a warm fleece lining, it can easily zip up or down as needed. Mom and dad will thank you for it!


As the toddler approaches those terrible twos (er, I mean terrific?), mom and dad may start thinking about potty training. Or potentially even sooner.

The Intelligent Potty is a fun option because not only does it function as a standard potty, but it also comes with a sound module that you can use to record your own message of encouragement and praise. When the module detects wetness, it will make a flushing noise, and play back your message. Maybe you want to say “way to go!” or “great job, Billy!” It comes in a number of colours, so if you know the family’s bathroom decor, or the child’s favourite colour, you can get one to match perfectly. Check out my review of the potty.

intelligent potty.jpg

Wipes, Wipes, and More Wipes

It might sound a bit too practical as a gift, but trust me, the parents on your list will appreciate a gift he can use amongst the fun toys and cute clothes. A package of Aleva Natural Bamboo Sensitive Wipes will allow mom to keep one in her purse, car, diaper bag, and wherever else a quick wipe might be needed. Whether it’s from spit up, crumbs from a Mum Mum, or a face full of chocolate ice cream after a sweet treat. They are made from natural bamboo fibres that won’t irritate the skin. And are 100% biodegradeable, so you can feel good about using them even though they’re throwaways.

Travel Play Yard

Traveling with a little one can be tough, especially if you’re visiting a home that isn’t child-proofed. A travel play yard will make an appreciated gift because the parents can pop it open virtually anywhere, and it’s a safe place to put baby down for a nap, or play time, or when mom or dad just need a few minutes to hold that glass of wine or tour a baby bjorn play yard.jpgfriend’s new home. One like the Baby Bjorn Play Yard is great for travel because it’s super lightweight, and packs up into a convenient, suitcase-sized carrying bag, complete with handle. Pop it out and set it up easily in under a minute. It also works as a great travel bed for your little one, so he can sleep safely in a hotel, or during a sleepover.

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags can be very personal things, much like a purse. (And let’s face it, with a baby, the diaper bag pretty much becomes mom’s purse.) Just like mom has a few handbags, a secondary diaper bag for smaller trips might be appreciated.

Look for a convenient, small option that would make sense for a quick trip to the grocery store, or walk to the local coffee shop. What’s great about the Jolly Jumper Stockholm Diaper Messenger Bag is that dad can feel just as comfortable carrying it as mom. It has a unisex design, and can be strapped across your chest, messenger style, or cherished moments serenity sterling silver and freshwater pearl bracelet.jpghung over the stroller’s handlebars.

Bath Toys

You can never have too many bath toys. Grab a set of foam letters, numbers, and shapes that baby can use during bathtime. And mom and dad will like that they encourage learning. The Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes includes 84 pieces in total.  And help mom and dad keep the set, and all other bathtoys, organized with the Munchkin Bath Toy Basket which scoops up the toys and keeps them tidily hung at the side of the tub, draining out the water from the holes at the bottom.

Baby Jewelry

Stand out from the pack of toys, clothes, and other gear with a unique gift, like jewelry. The Cherished Moments Serenity Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet is super-sweet, with a slight, pink tinge that’s ideal for the little girl. It’s made of genuine sterling silver so it’s gentle on sensitive skin. And the chain can be expanded as the child grows. It’s a great gift for kids up to a year in age, who can wear it out to special occasions.



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