bbqmain.jpgThis summer will bring days full of fun and lots of outdoor activities. Packing everything you need for a day is really important. If you’re like my family, then you take picnicking to a new level.

We are the type to pack everything you could possibly need for the day and even a little extra, and we love to take our portable BBQ with us everywhere. Having a portable BBQ allows you so many more options for lunches and dinners, you can really cook a whole meal on there if need be.

Take your tailgating up a notch

kids event.jpgThere’s always some sort of professional sporting event happening depending on the season and where you live, and one way to take it up a notch is to plan a tailgating party. People love a party, and even better is a party with some good food, and having a grill will help make a delicious meal that everyone will love.

A small grill that fits easily in your trunk, but can be set up for easy grilling like this Napoleon TravelQ 12,000 BTU Portable Gas BBQ with Scissor Cart would work perfectly. It folds up easily to fit in your trunk, but with the scissor leg design, unfolds to standing height convenient for easy grilling. I also love that it has the two side shelfs to hold your foods and grilling accessories, keeping them off the ground.

Spruce up kids sporting events

kids.jpgThe summer months are actually not too bad for parents sitting on the sidelines of their kids sporting activities. I think a great way to celebrate a good team effort, or the end of a season is a group picnic. You can have a few parents bring their portable BBQ’s and grill some hot dogs for the team.

A compact and easy to take along portable BBQ like this BBQTEK 10,000 BTU Portable Propane BBQ is perfect for picnicking. It has a convenient push button start and a heavy duty cast aluminum grate that cooks evenly and quickly.

Have lavish days at the lake

tailgating.jpgMy family and I love spending summer days at the local lakes, and when we go, we prepare ourselves for a full day of fun and adventure. I think this was a lesson I learned when my boys were little, and it was always impossible to get the kids to leave at the end of the day.

I own this Napoleon TravelQ 10,500 BTU Portable Gas BBQ and we get so much use out of it. The size of it is perfect for even a larger group. We take it with us on all our family adventures, and can easily cook for ourselves and our extended family members. I love that it’s easy to clean, the heat distribution is fantastic, and it comes in a handy durable carry bag with pockets that fit your grill brushes and the small propane can it uses for cooking.

This summer you can take your picnics and outings to the next level with a great portable BBQ. They sure have come a long way, and depending on what your needs are, there’s the right portable grill for you.

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