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When you’re curating the perfect space, there’s always one thing that gets in the way: cords. Each wiry bundle leading up to your desktop drags the eye downwards, into the chaotic mess of your desk. Every rope dangling off the end of your hot tools creates clutter in your bathroom. The Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+ offers a solution to your messy surfaces, with a styler that you can use in any tidy space.

I’ve been a beauty blogger since 2007, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that cordless hot tools existed. There are few things less chaotic than a traditional hair styling station; each booth typically has a hair dryer, a flat iron, and two curling irons of different diameters. Worse still is the at-home makeup desk of a beauty blogger, where you’re likely to find all four of those things, plus a monitor, drawing tablet, and laptop.

Add in a mess of camera gear and lighting equipment, and it’s easy to see why a cordless flat iron has always been a fantasy product that I’ve dreamed about.

Not everyone has the same desk situation that I have—I hope—but cordless hair tools are something that I think will have wide appeal. I’d be surprised if other brands didn’t come up with competing versions soon, because Lunata pulled this one off flawlessly.

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What’s in the box of the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron?

In the box of the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron, you’ll find a cordless flat iron that’s adjustable up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even slip it into your purse with ease, and it features 1″ rose gold-coloured, titanium-finished plates. For those who travel, the flat iron comes in one universal model, with dual voltage (100-240V) capabilities.

The iron is rechargeable through USB-C, and comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion 5000 mAh batteries, which are removable. I really, really like that they are: not only does it mean you can charge extra batteries, but it means that you can replace the batteries if they weaken with time. As batteries are often the first thing to go in an electronic device, that should mean you can use the same flat iron for longer—which is not only pretty eco-friendly, but is also really budget-friendly! The iron and its batteries provide about 45 minutes of use on a 3 hour charge.

You’ll find that the Lunata Beauty Cordless Flat Iron comes with an instruction manual and USB-C charger, as well as a protective silicone case that wraps around the plate end of your styler. The case is a lot sleeker and more durable than most, so this should travel quite a bit lighter than any full-sized flat iron you’ve tried before.

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Why go cordless?

As Canadians inch toward ever more Instagram-perfect lives, going cordless just makes sense. For those of you with Qi-enabled smartphones, think about how seamless wireless charging is for you. You pop your phone down at night, never having to fumble around for the right cord in the dark, and as if by magic, it’s charged by the morning. If you were pragmatic enough to buy a piece of charging furniture, or perhaps a charging lamp, you barely even see the cord attached to the charging base.

This is a lot like that, but for hair.

With the Lunata Beauty Styler Plus+ flat iron, there are no cords to get tangled up in. There’s nothing dangling from below your wrist as you style your hair, and the whole tool feels a little lighter in your hand; a little less cumbersome. Then, rather importantly, when you place your iron down on the counter… That’s it. It’s just one sleek, beautiful product. It’s so sleek, in fact, that it doesn’t even have to stay out. You could just as easily let your flat iron cool, then simply slide it into a drawer in your dressing table, bathroom countertop, or vanity.

Flat irons are wonderfully versatile as well, so you really can pare down to just the one item. The same iron, with a few different techniques, can be used to straighten your hair, give it volume, flip out the ends, curl it, wave it, or create tiny ringlets. (A flat iron can’t, however, crimp or dry your hair for you.) You could conceivably replace three or four of your messy, corded hot tools for this one, and create a beautiful countertop while doing so.

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My experience with this cordless flat iron

I love, love, loved working with this cordless flat iron. I waited years for this moment, and it didn’t disappoint!

The Lunata Cordless Styler+ works just as well as my regular flat iron, but without the hassle of the cord. It’s really easy to charge, and the thin charger cord tucks away at a moment’s notice. The two—styler and cord—travel well together.

I often curl my hair with a flat iron at my desk, in the living room, or in a bathroom, so I’m used to dragging my flat iron around the house. This? Well, this makes the experience a heck of a lot simpler; I just grab it and go.

There are fewer cords on my desk thanks to Lunata’s cordless design, and the iron’s interface is an improvement from most on the market. It has a simple digital face, rubbery buttons that aren’t too easy or too difficult to press, and an intuitive lower-on/off-higher button setup. I love the iron’s rose gold finishes and smooth plates, and it’s easy to curl, wave, or straighten my hair at my desired temperature.

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Who this Lunata Cordless Flat Iron review is for

This cordless flat iron is great for anyone who needs to replace their current one! It’s easy to use, feels super luxurious in your hands, and seems quite durable. I really like that it gives you the flexibility of going wherever you need to, and I truly hope that “cordless” is the direction that the hair industry is moving in.

That being said, cordless hot tools will be better-suited to some of us over others. If you really love having a clean, minimalistic bathroom countertop or bedroom vanity, for instance, then a cordless model will work especially well for you. It’ll also have extra benefits for anyone who works with hair on the go: if you work in hair and makeup and have ever had to struggle to find an outlet for your flat iron while on a shoot, this could really simplify your day.

All in all? This flat iron from Lunata is the one for you if you want a really advanced iron experience. It’s gorgeous, simple, and cutting-edge.

Shop the Lunata Cordless Flat Iron/Styler Plus+ online at Best Buy.

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  1. Lunata Cordless Flat Iron would be great. In my busy home sometimes it is hard to find an available mirror with access to an electrical outlet.

  2. I love this Lunata flat iron. It is so versatile being cordless and rechargeable. My cord on my old flat iron is always getting caught on something. Great for travel too!

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