One product area that really seems to be growing lately is the category of Health Tech. I don’t claim to have industry statistics or anything like that to back me up. It’s more of a feeling I have based on the number and variety of health related products I’ve seen popping up recently. It seems that many people are concerned with the state of their health—and with good reason! We all want to live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, and health tech devices exist to help us do just that.

What’s more, since we all care about the health of our friends and family members too, health tech devices make great Christmas gifts. Since this particular blog is specific to stocking stuffers, I’ll be looking at several health tech products that are small enough to fit in a stocking, but big enough to help save a life!


The first health tech device I’m looking at might not seem like a health tech device at all, yet it is, and it will also very easily fit into anybody’s Christmas stocking. What I speak of is a set of Sleep Earbuds, which may be found in the broader category of Sleep Tech.

One example of just such a product is the Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds II Truly Wireless Earbuds. These buds help people to enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep in a variety of key ways, such as by providing more than 30 different curated sounds. These include white noise, sounds from nature, tranquil tones, and more. In fact, you can even download your own sound files right into the buds and relax in your own way.

Other features of these Bose buds include 10 hours of rechargeable battery life per charge, an extra 3 full charges from the portable storage (and carry) case that’s included with the set, silicone ear tips for comfort while you sleep, Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to other devices, and access to the special Bose Sleep App via your iOS 11 (and above) or Android 6.0 (and up) smart device. With these Bose Sleep Earbuds, you’ll enjoy the sweet sounds you love whether you’re wide awake or drifting off to dream.


Another category of health devices that many folks depend on every day for relief from all kinds of muscle aches and pains is that of Massagers. Not all massagers will fit in a stocking, but some will, and most have the potential to provide a great deal of physical pain relief to your sore, tense, or stressed loved one. For example, something like the VGI Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage Gun can work wonders on a number of different issues and problem areas.

Health Tech devices

Featuring six different speed options and four interchangeable massage head attachments, this deep tissue massage gun will soothe their aching muscles and have them feeling fine and dandy in no time. Its built-in Brushless motor is high-torque, providing between 400 and 3000 muscle soothing percussions per minute; and its 2000mA rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 3 hours on each full charge (charging time is approximately 2.5 hours).

Your lucky gift recipient this year will be able to use its four professional massage applications to relieve sore muscles and joints via trigger-point massage therapy. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, this massage gun is just the thing for the hard-working men and women in your family.


The next device on my list comes from the very broad category of health tech devices known as Health Monitors and Meters. These include everything from heart rate monitors to glucose meters, but let’s begin with something rather simple—a basic thermometer. Of course, I don’t just mean any old thermometer (and certainly not a basic one!). I’m actually talking about a useful health tech device that should be in everyone’s home—the Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer.

Health Tech devices

This highly accurate thermometer targets the temporal artery and uses 16 different infrared sensors for a clinical level of precision and accuracy. And because it avoids places where it might come into contact with bodily fluids such as saliva and earwax, it’s one of the safest and most sanitary ways there is to take someone’s temperature. One nice bonus is that it doesn’t involve waking a sick person to stick a thermometer under their tongue.

The Withings Thermo Smart Thermometer also has illuminated (and colour-coded) readings via its LED indicator, and it even provides automatic data synchronization (via Wi-Fi) of all the key measurements it’s taken. You can find this information (along with some great health advice) in the Withings Thermo App. When it comes to smart thermometers, Withings certainly has you covered!


Another item from the same general category (Health Monitors & Meters) is the Beurer Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Smartphone App.

Health Tech devices

This handy device tracks your pulse and blood pressure automatically, and it shows you the results on its highly legible display. In fact, you can view a 7-day average of all your saved data (such as your morning and evening blood pressure numbers), and you can even use the free Beurer HealthManager App on your smart phone (which connects via Bluetooth) to easily monitor all of your personal health info. Just make sure that the gift recipient you’re giving this to doesn’t have an unusually large or small wrist. The Beurer BP Monitor nicely accommodates wrists measuring from 14 to 19.5cm in circumference.


As I mentioned in the intro, Health Tech Devices really seem to be taking off these days as ever more people become conscious of their own health—and that of their family members. As such, other categories of Health Tech products that I didn’t get to cover in today’s blog include Scales and Weight Management, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Home Health and Wellbeing Aids, and several others.

Clearly the Health Tech product category is one to be taken seriously. It’s also one that could potentially help to save the life of someone you know and love. If you want to give your loved ones the gift of good health this Holiday Season—and who doesn’t?, check out Best Buy Canada’s vast selection of Health Tech products today!


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