nokia smart scaleWithings has an entire line of health tech products with features and technologies that customers have come to love. Most notably is integration with the Health App.

The idea behind these health tech products is to encourage you to meet fitness goals, stay in good health, and seamlessly track data. This includes everything from weight loss and body mass index (BMI), to steps, sleep, blood pressure, and even medical history, in one convenient place.

nokia body wifi smart scaleHow all of the products work together is through the Health Mate app, available for both iOS
and Android devices. It serves as a sort of portal, connecting all your Withings smart health devices in one place so that you can get a complete history, view trends, track progress,
and make steps to improve.

What kinds of products can you sync with the Health Mate App?

Withings Smart Body Scales

Replace the boring bathroom scale with a smart body scale like the Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scale & Body Analyzer, which measures not just your weight, but also body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass. View your weight trends on the screen to track progress and set goals. Every time you, or someone in the family (up to eight users) steps on the 1-inch thin scale, the data is sent to your smartphone over Wi-Fi where you can review it using the Health Mate app. Data is synced independently to each Health Mate nokia body cardio wifi smart scale and body analyzerprofile. As an added bonus, the scale also shows the local weather when you step on board, so you can dress appropriately for your day.

There’s also the Withings Body Cardio Wi-Fi Smart Scale & Body Analyzer, which adds the ability to keep track of your cardiovascular state as well, tracking weight and body fat along with heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity. Like the Body+, this scale also seamlessly syncs with the Health Mate app. It’s made of solid aluminum with heat-tempered glass, and boasts a similarly thin 1-inch thin profile.

nokia thermo smart thermometerWithings/Nokia Smart Thermometers

Keeping track of your health and wellness isn’t just for the times when you’re feeling at your best, but also at your worst. The Withings/Nokia Thermo Smart Thermometer is a great tool for both adults and kids when you’re feeling feverish. It’s hygienic and non-invasive because of its no-contact design: just hold it close to the person’s forehead, wait for the beep, and a reading will be captured. View the reading on the device itself, along with a colour-coded fever indicator, and the information will be logged in the Health Mate app. It’s ideal if you have babies or young kids because of its ease of use (you can easily get a reading from a sleeping baby without even having to touch him) as well as to keep a full record of temperature and time readings to give to the doctor. Before you head out to seek medical advice, the app will also use the reading along with
other symptoms you input to provide advice. Cleared by the FDA, you can save the histories of up to eight users. It’s powered by a pair of included AAA batteries.

Withings Fitness Trackersnokia steel fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are great for users of all ages and fitness levels, keeping track of how many steps taken, calories burned, and hours slept, among plenty of other useful information. The Withings Steel Fitness Tracker employs a subtle design that resembles a standard wristwatch. It can work with both iOS and Android devices, but the best part: the CR2025 battery lasts for about eight-months, and doesn’t need recharging.

nokia scale and analyzer appIn addition to basic steps, the Nokia Steel can track more than 10 specific activities, from running and walking to swimming. It’s Smart Wake-Up feature finds the perfect time in your sleep cycle to wake you up via a silent vibrating alarm. The analog activity dial provides an at-a-glance look at your progress, or check the Health Mate app to get everything you need at your fingertips. Made of stainless steel with chrome hand accents and a silicone sports strap, it’s a stylish and unobtrusive design that will suit all types of users.

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