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Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where my running shoes is? Ok, maybe I subbed running shoes for birdies there, but when it comes to spring, that’s what I’m wondering. After an entire winter of popcorn and Netflix, I’ve been more than ready to grab my fitness tracker, put on my runners, and hit the road again.

I’ve tried a lot of different fitness routines and programs over the years, and the best advice I’ve ever received was from a trainer who told me to do two things: mix things up so you don’t get bored, and pick up everything you need to be successful before you put a foot into the gym or out the door.

If you need a few spring fitness essentials, here’s 5 that you can use to kick start your spring fitness program.


Yoga Mat

Whether you run, walk, bike, hike, or even inline skate, you’re going to need to stretch your muscles and gain strength if you’re going to progress. Yoga is great for both stretching and toning your body, so a Yoga Mat is a must-have for anyone embarking on a fitness program.

The Gaiam yoga bundle has everything you need to get started with Yoga. You get a Citron Meadow yoga mat, mat wash spray, a yoga towel, and a purple Wildflower sling bag. The sling bag has room for everything you take with you to your Yoga class or as a quick tote if you’re going to do yoga outside.

 gaiam foam roller.jpg

Recover faster with a recovery product

Have you ever had shin splints so bad you literally couldn’t walk for two days after a run? Or a post-gym backache in the middle of your back, where you can’t reach, that keeps you awake at night? Working out can be hard on the body, but fitness recovery products are designed to minimize the stress by working out those muscle kinks.

If you have sore muscles after a workout, try the GoFit foam roller. It’s great for self-massage and to help repair your sore muscles, and it can help you avoid those painful day-afters.

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Get your heart rate up fast

Did you know that jumping rope will burn more than 10 calories per minute? It’s one of the easiest exercises to do because it takes little space and time, so having a jump rope on hand before you start your fitness program will ensure you always put the time in.

The PurAlthetics weighted skip rope will give you an amazing, fast workout, and because it’s weighted with ball bearings on the handles, it will challenge you more than a standard jump rope.



Kaizen preworkout supplement.jpgStock up on supplements

When you workout, your body runs low on resources, and for the best bounce back on any fitness program, you should have a supplement on hand to help you refuel.

I like to use a pre-workout supplement when I’m starting a new fitness program, and the Kaizen pre-workout supplement is a great choice for anyone who wants to increase their energy and improve their body’s ability to build muscle before hitting the road.

hydration pack.jpg


Don’t forget to stay hydrated

 I’ve had runs where I start off great and realized about ¼ of the way through realize that I forgot to bring along a water bottle. By the halfway mark I’m parched, and even worse, exhausted. You just can’t run well without water to revive you.

Instead of holding a water bottle in your hand, try the PurAthletics hydration pack. It lets you carry four small water bottles for you, and it keeps them in pouches you can access easily when you’re running or walking.

There has never been a better time than today to get up and get cracking on your new spring fitness routine. Check out everything health and fitness on Best Buy, and start clocking those miles today.

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