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10 Father’s Day gift ideas under $50

Dad with earbuds looking at a smartwatch.

It’s never too early to start thinking about Father’s Day and getting dad the perfect Father’s Day gift. You don’t have to spend a ton either. Dad would probably be happy with a hot coffee when he wakes up and a thoughtful card. But you can make his day even more special with a cool gift for dad under $50. Need some ideas to get started? Here are 10 items every dad would love that you can get on a budget.

1. Roku Express media streamer with remote

With the Roku Express media streamer with remote, dad can catch his favourite streaming TV shows, movies, and even sporting events from anywhere. Yes, this even includes the non-smart TV up at the cottage or in a hotel room while he’s traveling on business. It plugs directly into any TV with an HDMI port and provides access to apps like Netflix and YouTube. Plus, dad can watch content from hundreds of free Roku channels, play games, and more.

Give dad a new tech toy he can tinker with, like the Blink Mini Wi-Fi indoor IP camera. He can set it up in his workshop, basement, or even in the living room. Then, keep an eye on the home when the family is away on your next vacation.

It connects via Wi-Fi so he can receive alerts and view a live feed from his smartphone, anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. It also has two-way talk as well so he can chat with pets or even the kids while he’s still at the office. Infrared night vision, meanwhile, means he can make sure there aren’t any intruders or see if the pets are up to mischief at night. If motion is detected, he’ll get an alert on his phone.

3. Apple EarPods in-ear headphones

If dad has an iPhone, chances are he already has (and loves) his pair of Apple AirPods. But it’s always a good idea to have a back-up wired pair. The Apple EarPods are an affordable and solid option that remains within the Apple ecosystem.

They are wired buds he can keep in his briefcase or backpack to use as needed. This might be if his AirPods and charging case battery are running low and he can’t get to a power outlet to recharge. He’ll still enjoy high quality audio along with a seamless connection to the phone via the built-in Lightning connector.

4. Google Pixel USB-C in-ear headphones

I haven’t forgotten about Android users. The Google Pixel USC-C in-ear headphones are, like the EarPods, a good back-up pair for Android smartphone owners to keep in their arsenal. Dad will love the simple access to Google Assistant without needing to have his phone in hand. The feature can even be used for real-time translations while he’s traveling. Plus, he’ll enjoy the crisp and clear sound.

5. Tile Mate (2021) Bluetooth item tracker

I have long been a fan of Tile Bluetooth trackers. Within the line, the 2021 Tile Mate is a solid option you can get for an affordable price. With a 250-foot Bluetooth range, dad can use the app on his phone to find whatever the tracker is attached to, like his keys or gym bag. Conversely, he can also use the Tile to ring his phone if he misplaces it. Plus, thanks to the network of Tile users from around the world, if he leaves the items behind somewhere, like a local coffee shop or the office, he can pinpoint its location if someone else with the Tile tracker app is nearby to pick up its signal.

This model doesn’t have the replaceable battery like some others in the line, but the built-in battery will last for up to three years. Mark in your calendar when dad will need a replacement and get one for him again.

6. Ring Chime Wi-Fi speaker

Trust me when I say that if dad has a Ring doorbell in his home, he will love the Ring Chime Wi-Fi speaker to go with it. Once set up, he will receive alerts whenever the doorbell or camera detects motion. Plugging into a standard outlet, it also has tons of tones and sound options so dad can have fun switching things up. He might, for example, want to choose specific chimes to suit seasons, occasions, or even moods. If he has trouble hearing the doorbell normally, this is also a thoughtful gift to get to amplify the ring from within the home.

7. Altec Lansing HydraMini Bluetooth wireless speaker

Every dad, young and old, loves a good portable Bluetooth speaker. And he can take the Altec Lansing HydraMini Bluetooth wireless speaker virtually anywhere thanks to its waterproof, rugged design. It’s durable and has a long-lasting six-hour battery life. Why not use it to play tunes while relaxing outside by the fire up to the cabin with the guys on his next boys’ trip? It even has five LED light modes for bopping to the beats while playing cards and drinking beers. With the included carabiner clip, he can pop it onto his backpack or belt loop. Then, bring it with him when the guys head out to fish on the boat or the family goes for a hike in the woods or local trail.

8. Mobifoto 3-in-1 mini tripod

Has dad started to create and post his own social videos? Maybe he likes to post rants about topics he’s passionate about online, shoot video game footage, cooking videos, or videos with the kids. Whatever his passion, a mini tripod like the Mobifoto 3-in-1 mini tripod would be a thoughtful gift to help him improve on his craft.

He can easily attach his phone, action camera, or even DSLR to the ball and socket head. Then control it using the detachable Bluetooth shutter that has an up to 20-foot range. He’ll love being able to take family photos more easily as well, so he can be in front of the lens as much as he is behind it.

9. Helix TurboV+ 20000 mAh power bank

There’s always use for a portable power bank. They’re ideal with an older phone that has a battery that tends to drain more quickly. But they’re also good as back-up for a newer phone.

The Helix TurboV+ has a 20,000 mAh battery so it can charge a smartphone multiple times over before itself needs recharging. It has dual USB outputs so he’ll need a USB cable to go along with it. Once plugged in, he can leave the device to charge and an LED light indicator confirms charging status. He can use this to recharge other devices, too, like his wireless headphones, tablet, and more, with over-current and short-circuit protection.

10. PlayStation Store gift card

There are a lot of dads of all ages who love to unwind after a long day at the office or doing chores around the house with a video game. They pop on a gaming headset, connect with friends (or a random group of other players) and sink into the immersive story or sport.

Some dads own a PlayStation console and if that’s the dad on your list, consider a simple gift card to the PlayStation Store. You can get a physical card to put in a greeting card or a digital download code to make a print-out of the e-mail confirmation for dad to redeem. He can use it towards new games, game add-ons, downloads, and more.

Happy shopping for dad!

This just scratches the surface of tech gifts you can get for dad on a budget. Check out plenty more Father’s Day gift ideas under $50 at Best Buy Online. 

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