A white elephant gift exchange is a popular holiday party game that adds a fun twist to the traditional gift-giving experience. Participants draw numbers to determine the order in which they’ll choose a gift from the pile. While some might end up with something useful or quirky, others might get stuck with something not so desirable. The fun bit is that each participant has the option to “steal” an unwrapped gift from someone else, making the exchange a suspenseful and interactive affair. Whether you’re hosting or attending a white elephant gift exchange, here are some white elephant gift ideas that will be the most coveted.

Board games

If you’re looking for white elephant gift ideas that offer universal appeal, you can’t go wrong with board games. These are gifts that bring people together, providing endless hours of entertainment and opportunities for bonding. Choosing a classic board game will ensure your white elephant gift is appropriate for everyone, regardless of age or interest. Whether it’s a family gathering, a friends’ night in, or even a date night, a good board game adapts to various social settings, making it a versatile and valuable addition to anyone’s collection.

Selfie sticks

Given the range of features and designs, selfie sticks make excellent white elephant gift ideas, suitable for tech enthusiasts, travel junkies, or anyone who loves capturing memories in photo or video form. In the era of social media, selfie sticks are more than just a fad. They’ve become essential tools for capturing moments in a more versatile way, whether you’re part of a group photo, on a solo travel adventure, or simply trying to get that perfect angle for your Instagram feed. Selfie sticks combine fun and functionality, making them a hit at any gift exchange.

Picture frames

At first glance, picture frames may seem like a mundane choice, but they can actually serve as an unexpected hit in a white elephant gift exchange. The reason is that they offer a mix of utility and sentimentality, serving as a canvas to showcase cherished memories. Modern frames have evolved beyond the basic wood or metal rectangles; they now come in a myriad of designs, shapes, and materials, adding a decorative element to any room. Whether it’s for a photography enthusiast, a home decor lover, or someone who treasures sentimental gifts, an elegant picture frame, especially a digital picture frame, can be a delightful surprise.

Item tracking devices  

Item trackers are another interesting idea for a white elephant gift. These practical devices are unobtrusive and designed to be attached to various items so that they can be easily located if lost. Some come in the form of keychains, while others have adhesive backs that allow them to be stuck onto flat surfaces. They’re the kind of present that recipients don’t realize they need until they have it—and then they can’t imagine how they lived without it. It’s a practical gift that’s sure to be appreciated.  


A ukulele makes a delightful and unexpected choice for a white elephant gift party, offering a blend of musical entertainment and the potential for a new hobby. Known for being beginner-friendly, the ukulele provides an accessible entry point into the world of music. Its compact size makes it a portable source of fun, ideal for those who love to travel or enjoy outdoor adventures. With a range of designs and price points, and even smart ukeleles available, you can easily find a ukulele that fits within your white elephant budget. Whether the recipient is musically inclined or a complete novice, a ukulele promises hours of creativity and enjoyment.

Travel mugs

A travel mug is a highly practical choice for a white elephant gift, catering to a wide range of lifestyles and needs. Whether the recipient is a busy professional, a student, or someone who loves outdoor adventures, a travel mug offers the convenience of taking your favourite beverage on the go. Modern travel mugs come with features like temperature control and spill-proof lids, adding an element of sophistication to this everyday item. They are also eco-friendly, encouraging the recipient to reduce waste by avoiding disposable cups.

From stylish designs to smart, tech-integrated features, white elephant gifts can be as versatile, creative, or useful as you’d like them to be. Whether you’re looking for secret gift exchange ideas or just some unique items that would make great gifts, these white elephant gift ideas offer something for everyone. Remember, the best white elephant gifts are those that are both amusing and useful. Happy gifting!

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