Asus ZenBeam E1 Portable Projector Review

This pocket projector can beam a massive 120" display and charge your mobile devices over USB. Whether you use it for presentations or for movies, the ASUS ZenBeam E1 is an incredible device that is packed with features.

Review: Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers

There is a shift happening at Best Buy, and I am super excited to be a part of it. Look no further than the product being reviewed here, the Focal Aria 906.

Insignia Pico Projector Review

This portable projector can beam a display up to 80 inches and it can fit in the palm of your hand. I still cannot believe how they fit this much technology in a package this small. The size is incredible, but how does it perform?

Samsung QLED TVs arriving at Best Buy

It's time to stop looking at TVs as things we need to hide away. Samsung's new line of QLED TVs are beautiful enough to display anywhere plus they have some of the most advanced TV technology available meaning you'll also get top of the line video quality.

ASUS ZenBeam E1 DLP Pocket Projector now available at Best Buy

Taking your home entertainment and business presentations on the road has never been easier (or more consumer-friendly), now that the ASUS ZenBeam E1 DLP Pocket Projector is now available at Best Buy. Find out how this miniature device brings home theatre anywhere you want.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review

This Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player can deliver the best possible picture and audio quality. In a landscape where streaming video is so easy and convenient, is physical media like Blu-ray still worth it?

Samsung Atmos Sound Bar Review

The Samsung Atmos home theatre system can deliver audio in 3D space for a new level of immersion. This means sound can reach you at almost any angle, height, and intensity. Has the next generation of home theatre arrived?

Get the Samsung experience in-store – hands on with new technology

To fully understand and appreciate new TV technology you need to see it to believe it, as the saying goes. Samsung's brand areas in newly renovated Best Buy stores allow you to compare sizes, resolutions and to shop for peripherals, all in one place.

Samsung SUHD Series 8 TV Review

With a rapidly growing selection of content 4K content, it may be time to upgrade one the most used items in your home. This Samsung SUHD TV aims to provide the best possible picture quality for now and in the future. Is it worth it to upgrade?

BenQ projectors surprisingly versatile for home theatre or data

If you're considering a projector for either home theatre use or for taking on the road for professional presentations, you're probably considering a BenQ projector. We'll look at two new models, what makes them different from each other, and which model is the right choice for different applications. But as blogger Erin L found, both are surprisingly versatile.

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