Rito Folding Trike Review

The Rito Folding Trike combines the benefits of a 3 in 1 tricycle for your little ones while folding down into an easy travelling option for mom and dad!

Cruising with the Gyrocopters 8FINITI All-Terrain Hoverboard

Today we hit the turf with the new Gyrocopters 8FINITI All-Terrain Hoverboard. I tested this out for myself (and you), and now I present the results.

What kind of bicycles can you find at Best Buy?

Whether for fun or exercise, there's little in life that matches the feeling of riding a bicycle. Join me today for a look at several different types of bikes available at Best Buy. Let's ride!

Review of the Bentley Convertible 6-in-1 Smart Tricycle

The smart and savvy Bentley Convertible Smart Tricycle is extremely versatile, easy to use, and very solid for years of use as a stroller, then a fun trike.

Hoverboard riding tips and tricks

Before my first hoverboard experience, I thought riding one would be a breeze. I pictured myself stepping on to the board and immediately zipping by pedestrians and cyclists with ease. I was mistaken. Riding them takes some getting used to, so with that in mind, here are some hoverboard riding tips and tricks to consider before you step on to one for the first time.

How to choose a hoverboard

Over the past year or so, hoverboards have become much-coveted gadgets for people young and old, so are sure to be at the top of many wish lists this coming holiday season. But before you rush out to pick one up for yourself or someone else, here are some things to keep in mind that will help you decide which hoverboard is right for you.

Review: Swagtron Hands Free Hoverboard

Over the past several months, I’ve seen a huge influx of hoverboard in my neighbourhood, in the downtown core where I work, and along the sea wall in Vancouver where many go to bike, blade, or run on a sunny day. The popularity of hoverboards is soaring, but what are they all about? Well, I was recently given the opportunity to take the Swagtron Hands Free Hoverboard for a test ride, so here’s my take on these new modes of transportation.

Review: Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

 Learning to ride a bike is a major milestone for every child. Usually, they start off with training wheels to first master the concept. But today, the balance bike marks an interesting transition to help with balance and coordination before popping those extra wheels off and moving up to a two-wheeler. My 4-year-old son and I have the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike a go to see how well it works. 

5 reasons to pick up an electronic bicycle right now

Maybe you’ve seen people commuting in the bike lane on them, or you’ve watched someone effortlessly cruise up a crazy hill and you wondered exactly what they were riding – for most people, one chance encounter of watching someone cruise on an e-bike is enough to get them to put it on their ‘to-do’ list, and one ride is all it takes to hook you forever.

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