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There’s nothing quite like riding a bicycle down a trail or on the open road, enjoying the beautiful scenery and taking it all in. Or, maybe you use a bicycle as your primary or secondary form of transportation, riding to and from work or school, or to local destinations in place of using a car. Whatever the reason, a bicycle is a great outdoor vehicle to own, but having an electric bike will really kick things up a notch. Here are 8 great reasons to get an electric bike beyond the fact that, let’s face it, they’re really cool.

1. Go faster, longer

Two people at a trailer with electric bikes.

An electric bicycle allows you to travel further distances and ride for longer periods of time than you might otherwise be able, or willing to. While using electric power means you aren’t using as much of your own energy, if you can ride farther, you might be more inclined to ride more often. And if you know you have the power of a motor to help you continue, you might finally have the courage to tackle that long trail at the cottage that you never thought you’d have the endurance to conquer. What’s more, if riding is part of your job, whether it be deliveries or visiting homes in the area, an electric bike can help you cover more ground in less time without having to invest in a car or use up precious gas for shorter trips.

2. Get outside, stay fit

GOTRAX EBE3 500W Mountain Electric City Bike with up to 40km Battery Range - Black - Only at Best Buy

Riding any type of bicycle is a great fitness activity, helping improve heart health, build muscles in your legs, burn fat and calories, and overall get a good workout. For those looking to live healthier lifestyles and stay fit, an electric bike offers that extra boost, both figuratively and literally, to keep you going. You’ll feel more confident knowing you have a motor to help if you’re having an off, especially tired day. Instead of staying home and lounging on the couch, go for a ride and let the bike do most of the work. This way, you still get some exercise (with pedal assist bikes, you can choose to pedal as much or as little as desired) and get much needed Vitamin D from the sun.

3. Easily conquer hills

Aventon Aventure.2 750 W Electric City Bike with up to 96km Battery Range - Medium - Camouflage

One of the deterrents to riding to a specific destination might not necessarily be distance but hills and steep inclines. If the ride includes some steep inclines, you might decide to leave the bicycle at home and opt for the car, even if you feel the distance itself is do-able. With an electric bike, you can use the pedal or throttle assist to help scale those larger hills and steep inclines, then revert to pedalling once you’re back on level ground again. Keep up with younger kids and fitter friends and family members with ease, without worrying about being unable to complete the ride, needing to stop to take a breather, or having to walk your bike up the hill.

4. Avoid traffic

Blutron EB650 500W Electric Bike (Up to 60km Battery Range / 32km/h Top Speed) - Ghost White

Traffic is no fun, especially in a busy city where getting from one place to another should take about five minutes but, in actuality due to traffic, ends up talking half an hour. With many city streets equipped with bicycle lanes across Canada, you can get around the bumper-to-bumper traffic with ease. And with an electric bike, you can tackle those tougher routes you might not have been comfortable navigating with a regular bicycle, especially with all the stopping and starting action.

5. There’s a right model for everyone

GoPowerBike GoEagle 500W Electric City Bike with up to 58km Battery Life - Black - Only at Best Buy

Ebikes aren’t all one in the same. There are many different models to suit different riders, terrains, and scenarios. As outlined in the electric bike buying guide, there are electric mountain bikes, the most common type that is ideal for riding on trails, city streets, and climbing hills, offering good stability. Electric city bikes, meanwhile, are good for casual, recreational riders who want some exercise and to run short errands in the city. Foldable electric bikes, meanwhile, help you go faster and are great for commuters who might ride back and forth to the office, run errands, or make deliveries.

There are step-through and step-over frames to accommodate those with different mobility levels and preferences, and pedal assist and throttle-assist, the latter of which means the bike can work even when you don’t pedal at all. You can read more about the differences between pedal assist and throttle-assist here. There are also different frame sizes and adjustable saddle heights to accommodate smaller, larger, taller, and shorter individuals.

With a bit of research, you can easily find the right electric bike for you, no matter where you live, your age, size, endurance, fitness level, and abilities. They are just as versatile as regular bicycles with the added benefit of opening the door to those who don’t feel comfortable pedalling for long, or even short, distances.

6. Go green

GoPowerBike GoCruiser Fat-Tire Step-Through Foldable Electric City Bike w/ up to 58km Battery Life - Black

There’s a particular concern about the environment these days, so reducing your own greenhouse emissions by driving a vehicle less and opting for another mode of transportation when possible, like an electric bike, is one way you can help. Electric bikes don’t emit toxic fumes, you’ll lower your personal carbon footprint, and you can feel good about the choice for both environmental and health reasons.

7. Save money

A mans legs riding an ebike

Let’s face it: gas isn’t getting any cheaper. While a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on milk or buy a few items at the corner store might seem like it doesn’t make much of an impact on your overall budget, all these small trips add up over time. Using an electric bike instead, especially one with a basket to carry items or by adding a small backpack to the equation, can help you save money in the long run.

8. De-stress

Aventon Pace 350V2 - 350 W Electric City Bike with up to 65km Battery Range - Medium - Black

As noted in the beginning, riding a bicycle and enjoying nature is a great way to de-stress after a difficult day, or even a nice way to get yourself feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a busy day in the morning. It’s no secret that exercise and physical activity in general is effective for helping to reduce stress. Replace fiddling around with your phone or doing an activity indoors when the weather is suitable with a ride on an electric bike. It can do wonders for your mental health and overall wellness.

Get riding with an electric bike

An electric bike might just be the best new purchase you make this year. It’s a big investment, but if you do the research to find the right one and make the effort to ride as often as you can, it will be worth it. Check out our comprehensive electric bike buying guide to gain a better understand of what an electric bike is, how they work, and the different types so you can find the right one for you.

Having an electric bike can pay off in more ways than one, being great for your physical and mental health not to mention the environment, and your wallet long-term.

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