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Electric bikes, also referred to as e-bikes, are all the rage this season, and that shows no signs of slowing down. We have covered various reasons it’s worth getting an e-bike. But did you know that many provinces actually offer e-bikes rebates in Canada? Through these rebate programs on electric bikes, you can save big on them, too.

The goal is to help reduce traffic on the roads along with the greenhouse emissions that come with them. Plus, electric bikes encourage physical activity and thus overall health and wellness. So, it’s no surprise provinces are offering these programs. And it’s relatively easy to claim the rebate once you know the details in your province.

Why is the government offering e-bike rebates in Canada?

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Provincial governments across Canada are offering rebates and incentives for electric bikes due to their environmental benefits. Choosing e-bikes over cars can significantly reduce the number of cars on the road, and thus greenhouse gas emissions. E-bikes also promote physical activity. This benefits the health and wellness of communities and residents on the whole. These rebates serve as a financial incentive to help convince those who are in a position to switch to e-bikes, either entirely or even just for short commutes, to make the change. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Requirements across provinces and key differences

Each province that offers e-bike rebates in Canada mandates that the motor must not exceed 500W. The maximum speed cannot surpass 32 km/hr. With these two main criteria met, let’s delve into each province, where to claim the rebate, and what other conditions need to be met.

Each province has a set minimum purchase price for qualifying electric bikes as well, with Alberta having the lowest price requirement. The rebates range from $500 to as much as $750.

E-bike rebates in Nova Scotia

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Once you purchase an electric bike in Nova Scotia, access the online rebate form through EVAssist Nova Scotia. Use a desktop computer: the Claim Rebate form for this province is not accessible from a mobile device. It’s also recommended to use the Google Chrome browser.

Click the drop-down menu to select where you purchased the e-bike: options include individual, dealership/retailer, or company. Then select “e-bike” under the category option that comes up when you choose retailer. (If you choose individual, you’ll be asked to enter personal details, including address, phone number, e-mail, and date of birth.) If it was purchased from a retailer like Best Buy, select the retailer name from the drop-down list. You can indeed select from a number of eligible electric bikes for this program from Best Buy.

You’ll also need to enter your personal contact details, purchase date, serial number of the bike, model, make, year, and price. Additionally, submit a photo or scanned copy of your receipt and the Consumer Consent and Rebate Received Form. The photo should be at least 1MB in size and can be in the form of a PDF, JPG, or PNG file. Read through the attestation and confirm the statements are true then click “submit.” If all the elements are there, you’ll see a success page. Then, wait for your rebate to arrive.

Fine print: The rebate only applies to electric bikes that are $1,200 or more. This includes sales/discounts and exclusive of taxes and delivery fees. You must apply for the rebate within 30 days of purchase and must reside in Nova Scotia. Given the high number of applications being received at the time of this writing, EV Assist notes that rebates may take at least 30 days to be processed.

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E-bike rebates in Prince Edward Island

In Prince Edward Island, visit the e-bike incentive page on the province’s official website for information about eligible rebates of up to $500, which can be claimed in store through a handful of retailers. For other retailers not on the list, you can still apply for the rebate after purchase for a qualifying e-bike bought after April 1, 2022. Complete the application form: you’ll need a copy of the receipt handy and the make, model, and serial number of the e-bike. You’ll also need to fill out a payee registration form and send in a void cheque, which allows the government to deposit the rebate right into your bank account.

Fine print: The rebate in P.E.I. applies to e-bikes above $1,200. This includes sales/discounts and is exclusive of taxes and delivery fees. It must have at least two or three wheels that touch the ground. Weight cannot be more than 120 kg. The e-bike must also follow all other regulations set out by the Highway Safety Act. All residents of P.E.I. are eligible for the rebate. Non-profits, businesses, public agencies, and other entities operating or registered in the province can apply for up to five e-bike rebates per calendar year.

E-bike rebates in British Columbia

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In British Columbia, Scrap-It had previously facilitated a rebate of up to $750 on qualifying e-bike purchases from participating retailers, provided by the Clean BC Go Electric Transportation Options Program. This program required that you also had to scrap an old vehicle to qualify within 30 days of purchasing the e-bike to claim the rebate. There appears to have been a halt to this program relating to e-bikes as the claim form for e-bikes is no longer available. Check back periodically to the website as this may change.

Also, British Columbia launched an electric bike rebate program in 2023 that does not require a scrapped vehicle, but a similar program for 2024 has not yet been announced. There is currently a waitlist for a 2024 program once funded as the 2023 program is already full. Stay tuned.

Fine print: For the Scrap-It program, should it return, previous rules indicated that the e-bike must be $1,200 before taxes. It has to have a motor that can be turned off and can’t turn on until the speed is at least 3 km/hr. The motor must disengage when the rider stops pedaling, releases the accelerator, or applies a brake. The e-bike motor cannot be gas powered. It must also offer a pedal-assist option though it doesn’t have to require manually pedaling to go. The e-bike must also meet any other conditions set out by the Motor Assistant Cycle Regulation. The retailer can assist you in finding an e-bike that meets all these requirements. It’s expected that if the program returns, these rules will continue to be upheld.

E-bike rebates in Alberta

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Alberta continues to work with Scrap-It for rebates. The province provides an up to $500 rebate on qualifying electric bike purchases of at least $1,000 before taxes. This is when purchased from a participating retailer and when scrapping an old vehicle as well. Claiming requires a receipt and a second receipt printed by the retailer with your name. You have 30 days to scrap your old vehicle and claim the rebate after the e-bike is purchased and delivered.

Fine print: Alberta has the lowest purchase price amount of any retailer for the rebate. The province accepts qualifying e-bikes that are at least $1,000 before taxes. They must have steering handlebars and pedals. The e-bike should be designed to travel on no more than three wheels. It also needs to have the capability to be propelled using muscular power. Power assistance must cease when muscular power stops if it is being engaged using muscular power. Power assistance must stop when brakes are applied.

The e-bike must also be clearly labeled by the manufacturer as a power-assisted bicycle and have specific safety features. This includes a mechanism to turn off the electric motor that is separate from the accelerator controller and can be operated by the rider, or a mechanism that prevents the motor from being engaged before the bike reaches a speed of 3 km/hr. As per the definition of an electric bike, it cannot be gas powered.

E-bike rebates in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan

These provinces do not yet have rebate programs for e-bike purchases but check back as these could potentially be added in the future.

Time to get riding!

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Ready to get riding? Check out our comprehensive e-bike buying guide for help in finding the right e-bike that fits the above criteria for rebates. Once you’re ready to pull the trigger, check out the wide select of electric bikes at Best Buy Online. And don’t forget to take advantage of the e-bike rebates in Canada where applicable.

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