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Day Nine in our 12 Days of Christmas are Electric Scooters. It’s one of the most useful gifts you could give anyone. It’s something that people could potentially use every day. The great thing about electric scooters is that they come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. From kids to adults, there is an electric scooter for everyone. Let’s consider why you should give someone an electric scooter this holiday season. 

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The different types of electric scooters

Electric scooters are a great way to get around. There are different types of e-scooters. For this discussion, we’ll mainly be talking about electric kick scooters. These feature a skateboard-like platform with handlebars. The riders kick with one foot to get started. There are Kids Electric Scooters and Adult Electric Scooters. A closer look explains how they differ. 

Kids Electric Scooter

Electric scooters for kids

Kids love electric scooters. Unlike traditional bikes, electric scooters don’t require much learning or practice. It’s intuitive to ride and safe for kids. Manufacturers are now designing electric kick scooters specifically for kids. The big difference between the adult version is speed, weight, and range. The kids’ versions don’t go as fast and the acceleration to top speed is also slower. They are also lighter. This makes it easier to carry when folded down. Finally, they don’t go as far on a single charge. The range is considerably less than adult electric scooters. The big advantage of these tradeoffs is the price. Electric scooters for kids are considerably more affordable, making them great gifts.   

Segway Ninebot E2

For kids, I recommend you consider the Segway Ninebot E2. This is the perfect entry-level kick scooter. It has a top speed of 20 km/h with a slow gradual acceleration. The Ninebot E2 features a dual braking system. It uses electronic front brakes and rear mechanical drum brakes. The net result is a reliable braking system with 8.1-inch puncture-proof tires. Rear brake lights and reflectors help to increase visibility at night. The front light illuminates up to 13.5 metres for better visibility in low-light conditions. Overall, kids get a safe, reliable e-scooter. It’s perfect for beginners and makes for a great, affordable gift.   

Adult Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for adults

Most electric kick scooters you see on the road are made for adults. For many, this becomes their primary commuting method. Virtually all electric scooters for adults have a top speed of 30 km/h. However, some sports models go up to 35 km/h. There are a wide variety of adult electric scooters to choose from. They vary in price, performance, weight, and features. To help you decide which one to get, let’s look at some models I’ve reviewed.    

Segway Ninebot F2 Plus

I’ve reviewed many e-scooters this year and the Ninebot F2 Plus is my top pick. To me, it’s the best value you can get. It can work both as a commuter e-scooter or just for casual joy riding. The F2 Plus has a 55km range with a top speed of 24 km/h. However, in the Segway app, you can put it into Sport Mode and get a top speed of 30 km/h. The unit I reviewed also had a hook just under the handlebars. This makes it super easy to attach a bag on the front. This makes it a great gift for anyone who needs to make a quick trip to the grocery store. It weighs 39 lbs. It’s light enough to carry for a short period. In fact, I was able to carry it upstairs without too much issue.   

Gyrocopter Flash 3.0

Another great value e-scooter is the Gyrocopter Flash 3.0. I’ve always considered it to be the working-class kick scooter. Without breaking the bank, it will get someone from point A to point B. It has a max range of 28 hm with a top speed of 25 km/h. Perhaps its best feature is the weight. It weighs only 26 lbs. Folded down, most people should be able to carry it without issue. It comes at a very affordable price, making it a great gift for someone looking for an electric scooter. 

Electric Scooter

What to look for in an electric scooter

If you’re giving an electric scooter to someone, know beforehand how they plan on using it. For example, if they are taking it on public transit, weight will be an important consideration. Heavy e-scooters are tough to carry, especially upstairs. Sometimes it makes sense to go with a lighter e-scooter so people can carry it for extended periods. Another consideration is distance. People looking for a commuter will want an e-scooter with a long range. This means they can go long distances on a single charge. Personally, I like to carry the charging cable with me for long distances. Then, if I have the opportunity to charge, I will. I’ve noticed that the performance of most electric scooters goes down with the battery life. Therefore, I always try to keep the battery life fully charged before long rides. 

Giving someone an electric scooter

The best presents are usually the biggest. If you give someone an e-scooter for Christmas, chances are you’ll have the biggest present under the Christmas tree. While electric kick scooters might look the same, they differ in price and performance. To pick the right one,  know beforehand how they will use it, how much weight they can carry in one hand, and the distance they need to travel. With that information, you have everything you need to pick the right one. 

If you’re new to electric vehicles, read this electric transportation buying guide. It goes into detail on all the different types of electric transportation. Then, read this electric scooter buying guide. It discusses the key features, accessories, and brands to look for in e-scooters. If you want a gift people will love and use, now’s the time to check out all the great Electric Scooters available at Best Buy. 

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