The best ways to back up your smartphone data

It is a terrible feeling to not only lose a smartphone, but to also lose all the data stored on it. Back it up, especially when it's personal and priceless.

Cell phone buying guide

There is probably no other technology more personal than a cell phone. Buying one requires some patience in knowing what you want to gain from it.

How to regularly backup all your smartphone photos

Your smartphone makes it easy to shoot photos and video, and then share them with anyone, but it's also important to protect them with regular backups.

Apple event announcement

Apple introduced its first new products of 2022 including a 3rd generation iPhone SE with 5G and the all-new Mac Studio at the Peek Performance Apple event.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or a rehash of the Galaxy Note in a new form? The answer is yes to both, and the S Pen stands out because of it.

First look at the new Samsung Galaxy S22 phones

Samsung announced a new set of smartphones in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22. A little hands-on time gives a few clues on what to expect.

How to purchase a cellphone at Best Buy

Get the right phone that does everything you need it to from Best buy and be more productive, and connected in your life.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G review

For Samsung, the Galaxy S21 FE 5G is a cross between a premium flagship and a mid-range phone, but whether you need it or not is another story.

Battery and charging options step up at CES 2022

Portable chargers look to take some bigger steps forward in both power delivery and convenience based on what some brands unveiled at CES this year. Read more on what's new with battery and charging options from CES 2022.

Samsung comes out with the new Galaxy S21 FE smartphone

Samsung will bring its newest smartphone to the market in the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, and you can get your hands on one very soon.

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