Overview: Customize your own surveillance system with a DLink Video...

    Security systems have come a long ways over the last few years, and DLink has really improved their solution with the DLink Video Recorder (DNR-202L). It no longer requires a PC to operate and it eliminates the need for cloud-based storage solutions for their cloud-based cameras. You can customize your surveillance security system more economically and manage and view it from anywhere in the world.

Review: The iSmartAlarm is an easy and effective alternative to Home...

Many people I know have mentioned their fear of break-ins or theft—especially my friends with rental homes. But there’s not much they can do outside of placing a broomstick in the sliding door, or hoping the deadbolts on their doors hold: they’re not allowed to have an alarm installed. Nor would they want to permanently install a device in a place in which they will only be residing temporarily. There’s a great solution to this problem now! The iSmartAlarm is a portable, yet powerful device that acts as a great theft deterrent using nothing more than a couple portable pieces of hardware, your wireless network and your smartphones.  I just had a chance to test it so click below to check out my review

Honeywell brings its thermometers to the Smart Home market

For over 100 years now, Honeywell has stood as one of the industry gold standards in Thermostat technology. In fact, it’s how the company got started. Now, Honeywell’s Smart Thermostats are available at Best Buy in two different varieties, featuring an assortment of different helpful features that you wouldn’t expect out of something that controls the temperature in your house. Come check them out!

Smart Home 101 – Why a Smarter Home is within everybody’s...

Enjoying the benefits (and luxuries) of Smart Home is easier, and more affordable than ever. In this Best Buy 101 Guide to Smart Homes, we’ll talk about some of the products out there, and why turning your home into a smart one isn’t as difficult as you think.  Come take a look.

Philips HUE Lux and Iris smart lighting


  Soon you will no longer be able to buy regular incandescent light bulbs because they are too energy inefficient. The great thing about the “smart lighting” options from Philips is that they are extremely energy efficient. They can also be fully controlled using your wireless network. The control of the lights is so flexible it provides an amazing set of options for energy savings, for convenience and for enjoyment. So if you are upgrading your lighting, “Smart” lighting is a fantastic choice.

Nest technology integration will make your home smarter than ever before


“Works with Nest” is a growing program of smart products that work with the growing line of Nest products and applications. Some of those products (including Nest’s) are available now at Best Buy, and all bring you closer to having control of your home even when you’re not around.  Increased safety, comfort and functionality are at your fingertips.  Read on to find out just what “Works with Nest” now.

Review: Philips HUE – control your lights with your smartphone


  The Internet of Things will ultimately change all of our lives for the better, and the Philips HUE lighting system is a great place to start. Imagine being able to control every aspect of your home with your Smartphone or tablet, and even have aspects of your home control itself based on a set of rules that you can customize. Philips Hue can take you there and do much more. It makes your lighting fun and convenient, while adding a lot of utility that can make your house more secure.

Review: Lorex Wireless Security Camera Systems – DIY your own safety!


With so many two-income families at work each day, home security is important. It can even provide safety for families that are at home. Someone tried to break-in to my home while we were asleep, and fortunately I woke up in time and was able to scare him away. That was before I had a security system! A security system is an excellent deterrent as there are so many unprotected homes burglars generally won’t  risk a protected one. I particularly like camera systems because they not only deter thieves but also vandals who get some sick joy out of destroying property.   I already have a Q-See Surveillance System installed in my house, but recently got a chance to test out a couple of Lorex Wireless Security Surveillance Systems and see how they compare. In fairness, the 2 Lorex packages that I tested out were smaller configurations, but with the same primary function – cameras that can monitor and record activity. All three systems have some significant differences that are worth knowing about.

Great tips so you are prepared for your next road trip


  Summertime and the travelling is easy – as long as you pick up a few useful gadgets to keep you safe and organized along the way. Our collection of helpful road trip gadgets will keep you connected, relaxed and stress free so you can enjoy your vacation. Get prepared for your next road trip!

Philips Hue is a bright idea for your smart home


I have always thought smart home gadgets are a bit gimmicky, until I broke down and installed a few. I am now a convert as they are not only practical but so convenient they can actually improve your quality of life. For instance, I have a keyless lock in my home so I never worry about carrying around keys that I can lose. If I have friends or family that arrive when I am not there, I can let them in remotely until I show up. It’s great!   HUE is Philips line of smart home products that is all about lighting that can be controlled using your Smartphone or tablet. It brings the Internet of Things to reality and there are so many excellent ways to use HUE lighting products. Let’s explore just a few to give you an idea how they can improve life at home.

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