Dogbone-locksmartThe new school year has begun. Summer was a lot of fun for some, a lot of work for other, and for most of us a little of both. Me, I had an awesome summer (I actually got married!)  Still I am glad to get back to the routine of fall. Fall always feels like the beginning of a New Year—more so than January does! And it’s comforting to have routines restored and the kids safe and sound, back at school.

bts-listAs always Best Buy has been a huge part of people’s preparation for back to school. Many people came to our stores to get new laptops, cell phones, printers and paper. Many stayed home and took advantage of our free shipping, ordering everything online including computers, backpacks—even pens and pencils

Now things have calmed down a little. We are a couple weeks into the new school season. To recognize how great it is to have the kids back to school safe and sound Best Buy is giving away a “safe and sound” prize package.

The SAFE prize: 

locksmartBest Buy is the best place in Canada for Smart Home products like security cameras, smart lights, and my favourite smart locks.  So fittingly the safe prize is a Dog & Bone Keyless Bluetooth padlock.  Place it on your locker at school and if you need to let a friend in, you can easily do it using your smartphone. Your phone is your key—now that is smart!

The SOUND prize:

Everyone knows that Bluetooth audio is the way to go. Even smartphone manufacturers are now abandoning the headphone jack! So wireless headphones and speakers are a logical addition to this prize package. Marley is well know for their fantastic selection of headphones and speakers so we have include both: Marlet Rebel BT headphones and a Marley CHANT Bluetooth wireless speaker.

It is really easy to enter. Here are the details:



In the comments section below this article tell us one “safe” item sold at Best Buy that you would love to own or one “sound” item sold at Best Buy that you would love to own. It’s probably hard to choose and you can list many items in your comment if you want. Only one entry per person, though.


The contest runs from September 23rd until September 26th 2016.

Remember you must enter in the comments below this articles on the blog to be eligible. You can only enter once, but tell all your friends and family to enter too and perhaps they’ll split the prize with you!


Back to School safe and sound contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. Congratulations to Sandra P from London Ontario on winning this contest. We will have many more contests starting very soon: last Friday’s contest was delayed due to a glitch on the website but I will be launching it within a few days so keep checking the blog.

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