The Most Stereotypical Gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day

 When you think of the typical Father’s Day gift, it’s usually a gaudy and loud tie that comes to mind, and is the punchline to every comedian’s joke. However, if you’re having trouble finding dear ‘ol dad the perfect present for Father’s Day, you don’t have to stray into that clichéd territory, because there are plenty of other simple ideas for things your father will love this year. So, read on for my recommendations for the most stereotypical gifts to buy your dad on Father’s Day.

15 gifts for Moms with way more style than you

Moms, as a category, are super tough to buy for. And it’s not even that they’re hard to buy for as people! No, the problem is that when they’re your mom, nothing is quite good enough.

Bet you didn’t know Best Buy sells diamonds

I’ve been thinking about starting a petition to get Best Buy to change its company line. What do you guys think of Best Buy: Come for the computers, stay for the sparkly, sparkly stones? Like with Best Buy’s handbag selection, I find that a lot of people aren’t aware the Best Buy carries diamonds. It’s a shame, because Best Buy has a large selection of them—and not just diamonds, either!  

5 new backpacks this season

The biggest style mistake that I see high school and university-aged kids making nowadays is the one where they refuse to carry a backpack to school. And okay, purses are cute, and an awkward backpack can ruin an entire carefully-crafted outfit, but there is no quicker route to back pain in your thirties than a single-strapped book bag in your twenties!  

The best personal and practical gifts every dad will love

You rely on your Dad or the Dad in your life every single day in numerous ways. This Father’s Day, why not pick him up a gift that he’ll love? Here’s a look at the best personal and practical gifts for any Dad.

A brief history of umbrellas

When you think about overlooked household items, what comes to mind? (Or, I suppose, what doesn’t?) Hair traps, bath mats, cookie cutters … or maybe just that floppy old umbrella that you leave by the front door and always seem to manage to forget when it’s overcast. Well, the umbrella actually has a much more interesting history than we give it credit for, and I’ll be sharing with you today just a little snapshot of those moments!

A brief history of timepieces

Nowadays, we schedule everything right down to the very minute. Your job interview? That’s at 10:30—not 10:25, and definitely not 10:40. The kids’ first day at school? You’re going to need to get them there right for 8:15; 8:20 is too late.  But what about a time without time? 

Get her something she’ll love this holiday season

Need some gift ideas? Here is our list of the top Holiday gifts for her!    

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