Jewelry Pieces to Boost Your Style Silver

As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And while that five letter word means something different to every single one of us, I think we can all agree that jewelry is a great way to boost your style.

I’d consider my personal style to be minimal with an edge, and therefore the most worn accessories in my jewelry collection are often simple and understated. They add to an outfit without becoming the focus, they are versatile, and most importantly, I continue to reach for them year after year. And that’s likely why I immediately fell for these stunning Robert Lee Morris jewelry pieces that Best Buy sent for me to review. Not only are they silver, my go-to metal, but each piece features a minimal design with a unique yet subtle play on shape.

The Must Have Collar Necklace

Robert Lee Morris Collar Necklace and Bracelet I love a good collar necklace, but they are harder to find than you might think. More often than not this style tends to fit the neck and decolletage area poorly, however, the second I placed the Half Moon Silver Collar Necklace on my neck it instantly felt as though it had been molded to my body. The simple design also offers the timeless appeal that I love, which also makes it incredibly versatile. I can picture it paired with a white t-shirt and jeans, a little black dress, and even beyond my realm of style, a colourful or patterned ensemble. I’m more of a black, white, grey and sometimes denim, kind of gal!

I styled this collar necklace with a simple black slip the night I wore it, and it stole the show. I also appreciated that it features a lobster claw clasp, which is a rarity amongst collar necklace, which allowed me to dance without worrying it would fly off like a boomerang. That could get dangerous!

Modern Silver Bangle and Drop Earrings

Jewelry Pieces to Boost Your Style Silver Earrings Minimal

Alongside the necklace from the Robert Lee Morris Basics Collection, I also received the Modern Silver Plated Bypass Bangle and Wedge Drop Silver Earrings. These pieces are the perfect accent to the necklace, but also make for great accessories alone, or when paired with other pieces in your jewelry collection. The bracelet has a sculptural element to its design and hinged closure, which makes it easy to put on or remove, even when alone. Like the necklace, it too has been crafted with silver-plated metal, but the sizing isn’t quite as perfect. In fact, it sits rather high on my arm as I have extremely small wrists, but I kind of don’t mind! It just further accentuates my personal style.

Finally, there are the Wedge Drop Silver Earrings, which are the perfect size and weight for someone who doesn’t typically wear earrings. They feature a classic design and unique wedge shape, which makes them wearable for any age, or style. And although I’ve shown them with a simple slip dress, these earrings would also look amazing paired with anything from a bathing suit to a silk jumpsuit. And that’s what I appreciate about them so much: they are so elegant, yet so versatile, adding a hint of femininity to any outfit I choose. And that my friends, is also known as boosting your style!

How would you use these pieces to boost your style? Or search the wide selection of jewelry available at Best Buy to find the perfect accessory for your look!

Amy McKissock
Amy McKissock is the blogger behind the Toronto based fashion and beauty blog, Bratty B. She is dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration through outfit posts, beauty reviews, and photo diaries, all while staying true to her monochromatic philosophy. When not blogging she can be found exploring the city in hopes of stumbling upon the next hot spot. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @brattyb.