Best Gifts of 2015 – Jewelry gifts for him

During the holidays, everyone seems to focus on the perfect jewelry gift for her. But what about the other half of that equation? Doesn’t the Mr. who’s been good all year long deserve something shiny this winter, too?

Best Gifts of 2015 – Jewelry gifts for her

As a style writer, I’ve fallen into the mental rut of “EVERY big occasion is a great occasion for jewelry,” but this time, I am definitely, definitely right about it. There’s no better time of year to celebrate the woman in your life with something sparkly than the holidays, and there’s no better way to do it than with something lasting!

Guitar accessories for your live performances

A guitar and an amplifier, while clearly the most important ingredients in live performing, are but two of the components in this stew. While recipes differ from player to player, this is the core set of requirements that live players require as well as those extra little things that while not requisite, are certainly appreciated. In this blog I will go over some of the accessories that can make your performance truly shine by relieving stress and providing a helping hand when one is needed.

Holiday 2015 Gift Ideas: “Smart” Stocking Stuffers for Women

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the idea of smart stocking stuffers for men. This time around, let’s take a look at the woman in your life. My wife is exposed to enough “smart” gear with a husband who owns and reviews lots of them each month. My mom is a different story though. This is the type of blog for someone like my mom who is itching to get into the newest smart technology but doesn’t know where to get started. Let’s take a look.  

PC upgrade gifts for the PC gamers on your list

Shopping for PC gamers can be intimidating if you don’t know anything about PC gaming. But, with such a wide variety of different gadgets and upgrades you can get for them to upgrade their PC gaming experience, it can also be surprisingly easy.

Choose a stylish gift for her this holiday season

When it comes to picking gifts during the holiday season, it’s a struggle to track down even the category of gift that’s going to be just-right for someone, much less the specific item. Here’s a little guide to help you get started on finding the perfect present for the fashionista in your life, right here at Best Buy.    

Guitar Effects Pedals 101: An Overview

Considering buying guitar effect pedals can be a daunting task. With a myriad of different brands, copious advertising that seems to make impossible claims, and multiple effects and their variants it can be overwhelming to sort through. In this blog I will give you a brief overview of what various guitar pedals are intended to do and help you sift through to a general understanding that should help clear the path.

Top toys for 2015 at Best Buy

This year is the best in a long time for new toys.  Many amazing toys have been announced this year, so it’s likely that you aren’t even aware of all that is now available. is always a great destination for toys, with a huge selection and amazingly fast shipping.  Also, we have been reviewing many of these toys on the blog, so you can learn what they can do and make a more informed decision this holiday season.  Here is a summary of some of the top toys of 2015:

Unique Kitchen Gifts Under $100

With the gift giving season fast approaching, today I take a look at a few awesome gift suggestions that’ll go great in anyone’s kitchen! If you could use a few fun ideas for kitchen gifts that are each under $100 in price, then join me inside for 6 gift suggestions that all just happen to have a slight celebratory twist. There’s sure to be something for everyone here!

Guitar Effects Pedals: Pedals that Boost and Distort

If your first question is “Why would I need a guitar pedal?” then your next question invariably is “what do they do anyway?” In this blog I will lay out the different types of guitar effect pedals and begin by looking at pedals that boost and distort. I will explain what they ultimately do to your guitar’s sound so you can get a better idea of when and why you may want to invest in one (or eight).

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