Latest and Greatest Smart Home Tech announced at CES 2021

Lots of great Smart Home Tech has been revealed at this year's CES. Here's some of the latest and greatest of what's coming out.

Samsung reveals new Galaxy S21 smartphones and more at Unpacked

Samsung has a few new devices to kick off 2021, and the lineup includes the latest Galaxy S21 smartphones, plus a new pair of earbuds and smart tracker.

New Lutron Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug announced at CES ’21

CES 2021: Lutron Caséta annoiunces its new Outdoor Smart Plug. I've got all the info right here, so click on through and read all about it.

Latest and Greatest Gaming tech announced at CES 2021

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Latest and Greatest Computer tech announced at CES 2021

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Dell (and Alienware) at CES 2021

Dell’s CES 2021 releases have a focus on working from home and remote learning, while Alienware gets RTX 30-series graphics and blistering refresh rates.

Latest and Greatest Appliances announced at CES 2021

There were so many amazing appliance announcements at CES 2021. Here is a quick recap of what was revealed by Samsung, LG, and Cuisinart.

Health and wearables look different at CES 2021

From face masks to sanitizing tech, the health, wellness, and wearables categories look a lot different at CES 2021 as the market shifts

Latest and Greatest TV tech announced at CES 2021

There were a lot of televisions and new TV tech announced at CES 2021; here's all the best and biggest announcements—and what you can expect.

Robots invade CES 2021, but they’re only here to help!

Robot vacuums are just one of many types of robots that inspire and excite us today. Join me as I explore the latest innovations in this field from CES '21.