LG InstaView Range appliance announcement ces 2021The major appliances showcased at CES 2021 are smart, stylish, and designed to take on your daily tasks and make them even easier. From pink refrigerators to one-panel control for your washer and dryer, there are a lot of great appliance choices coming to Best Buy later this year. Here’s a quick recap of appliances at CES 2021, and for even more detail on all of the big reveals, take a look at all of Best Buy’s CES 2021 coverage.

Samsung brings AI home

samsung bespoke

When it comes to appliances, Samsung never disappoints. At CES 2021 they announced the Samsung Bespoke line of refrigerators are on their way to North America, and for the first time you’ll be able to choose a modern refrigerator in designer colours like pink, navy, or blue. They have 4-door mirrored finishes, recessed doors, and a 4-door Flex design that lets you decide if you’ll use the storage space as a freezer or a fridge. My favourite feature is the internal Beverage Center with automatically filled water pitcher and the Dual Auto Ice Maker.

Samsung also announced the JetBot 90 AI+ robotic vacuum. It has built-in AI and a 3D sensor to track objects, recognize your room, and cruise around your furniture while it picks up dust and debris. Not only does the JetBot 90 AI+ robotic vacuum lower itself to clean under your furniture, it pairs with Samsung SmartThings Pet to watch over your pets while you’re not home. You can cruise right up to your cat or dog and see how they are doing via the vacuums internal camera.

LG InstaView for fridge and range

LG InstaView Refrigerator

It’s the little things that matter, especially when you’re home more often than you’ve ever been. LG knows these features matter just as much as style, and their recently revealed LG InstaView door-in-door side-by-side refrigerator has the best of both worlds. It’s stainless steel with a large window, and you just need to knock twice on the panel and your favourite food and drinks are ready to access. The ever-popular craft ice is available to dispense on the LG Side-By-Side, and there are two other types of ice you can create too. Staying germ-free is important too, and LG has built their advanced cleaning technology into the fridge’s water dispenser.

LG also announced the LG InstaView range, LG WashTower, and LG PureCare line of air purifiers. You’ll want to take a look at the LG announcement for all the details, especially if you’re in the market for a new range. Who wouldn’t want a range with Air Fry, Sous Vide, and Convection?

Cuisinart Complete Chef

Cuisinart Complete Chef appliance

One new small appliance was revealed at CES 2021 and definitely deserves a mention. The Cuisinart Complete Chef food processor will prep and cook your food in one stainless steel bowl. You can chop, dice, and slice just like you would with any food processor, and when you’re ready you can touch one of the automatic cook programs to steam, slow cook, saute, or puree your dish right in the bowl. The appliance ranges in temperature from 90 to 270 degrees F, and it has 200 built in recipes you can try. I’ll definitely be watching the Cuisinart brand store for this one.

CES never fails to impress. Although this was an all-virtual experience for everyone, it was still really exciting to see what’s hitting the shelves later this year. Take a look at all of Best Buy’s coverage for CES 2021 and see everything there is to be excited about in 2021.

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