Why you need a blender in your kitchen

Blenders are a great versatile and multipurpose small appliance that are great for smoothies as well as blending, chopping, pureeing and so much more. Read on to see why every kitchen needs a blender.

My Review of the Philips OneBlade Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

If you like to shave, you need to read today's review. If you hate to shave, you need to read today's review. If you shave but are completely indifferent about the process, you need to read today's review. It's on the Philips OneBlade Wet & Dry Electric Shaver, and, one way or another, if you're a man you need to read today's review.

Coolest appliances that you’ll wish someone was giving you this year

Appliances are no longer boring boxes or devices in your home: they're stylish, functional, and sometimes high-tech, gear that easily make it to the top of many a gift wish list. Here are some of the coolest ones worth asking for this year.

Fizzics Review: Blissfully Better Beer?

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I tend to stick to either wine or beer. I’ve experienced firsthand how decanting or aerating a bottle of wine can significantly change its flavour profile, but until I was asked to review the Fizzics Freestanding Draft Beer System, I didn’t realize that there was something out there that would do the same for beer.

3 appliances you’re going to want for your kitchen this fall

Fall days and nights are the perfect time to try your hand at some new recipes, enjoy some indulgent breakfast treats, and sit back and relax with a great cup of java. Here are 3 small appliances that are must-haves for the kitchen to make this happen.

Christmas comes to your kitchen early

With Thanksgiving just about here it's time to take a look in your cupboards and see what kitchen appliances and cookware you're missing to make hosting a large dinner easier. Read on to see some items you should treat yourself to to make cooking a large meal a breeze.

Five Must-Haves to Entertain Your Guests

As the weather gets colder and we head towards holiday season, hosting a party gives you a good reason to connect with your friends and family—and to stay inside. It’s important to do it with grace to make sure your guests feel welcome and have a positive experience. In addition, it is essential to stock the right items so you can make a good impression. Here are five must-haves to entertain your guests. Music creates the ambience and the tone...

What can I make with an advanced blender?

Upgrading your blender can mean the difference between you watching it struggle with the ice in a smoothie to it pulverizing nuts and more. But advanced blenders don't stop there, and there's a lot of great dishes you can make with one.

What you can make with a top of the line blender

Historically, blenders have been used to chop, grind, and puree food and beverages, often as food preparation for a larger recipe. However, these days, there is no end to what you can do with a top of the line blender, even in those with a small profile. Read on for some great recipes and an overview of a few of my favourite single-serve blenders.

What can I make with a single-serve blender?

You can make a lot of different things in a single-serve blender, from pasta sauce to kale smoothies. Here are three can't-miss single-serve recipes that I swear by!

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