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My morning routine is what sets me up for a less stressful and more productive day. It starts when my alarm goes off and I follow the same steps every day to ensure I’m starting my day healthy and balanced. Today I’m telling you how four simple appliances can help you start yours and your families day off on a healthier and stress-free foot.


blenderWith a good blender you can start your mornings off with the perfect smoothie and customize each one to you and your family’s preferences. I love that I can hide veggies in my kid’s smoothies and mask their taste by adding in fruits and yogurt and feel good that I’m sending them off to school with a healthy start to their day.

Blenders are available with a variety of motor and container sizes. Most of them have similar options such as blend, crush and mix, as well as different speeds to ensure you get the right consistency to your smoothie. They’re easy to rinse with hot water and a touch of dish soap and many are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. To save time in the mornings do a once a week smoothie prep by making individual smoothie servings that you can freeze. This is a great job for your kids to help with and they can customize their own smoothies this way as well.


juicerJuicing your own fruit and veggie combo will give you a great vitamin boost to start off your morning. I love that you can create your own combination to suite your taste buds and dietary needs. Over the winter months, or cold and flu season as many of us call it, you can amp up your vitamin C and zinc intake in the mornings by adding avocados, oranges or pomegranate seeds.

When looking to purchase a juicer think about how often you’ll be using it, the motor size, if it comes with a jug or pitcher and how easy or hard it is to clean and maintain. To simplify your mornings even more you can pre-pack and store individual “juicing packs” once a week. Prepare your juicing ingredients into single servings and store them in sealed plastic bags or containers and then simply juice your serving when ready.


toasterToasters make a quick and easy breakfast and are versatile. You can toast bread, bagels, buns, breakfast pastries, waffles and more. They’re perfect if you need some carbs to fill your belly and start your day. Avocado toast is extremely popular right now, it’s as easy as toasting your favourite bread and spreading on fresh avocado, season with salt and pepper and you’re done. You can add some fresh greens or tomatoes as well.

Toasters now have more functions such as defrost, keep warm, a bagel setting, different browning levels and more.

Single serve coffee makers

single serve coffee makerMany people can’t start their day without their favourite cup of coffee and if you’re on a time crunch a quick and easy way to get your morning cup is with a single serve coffee maker. The’ve become increasingly popular over the years for the home and office because they make the perfect cup and the variety of drink options is always growing. They’re also handy if you’ve forgotten to set the timer on your coffee pot and don’t have time to wait for a brew.

In the mornings you can brew your favourite personal cup or even a carafe with certain models. Your kids might want a morning hot chocolate or use the hot water feature for a quick oatmeal breakfast or soup to go.

Small appliances can help improve your morning by simplifying your routine and get you and your family out the door feeling full and with a boost of vitamins and caffeine if needed.

You can find a variety of toasters, blenders, single serve coffee makers and juicers with plenty of options and functions to choose from at

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