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Bose SoundWear Overview

Bose SoundWear Overview



MEET THE  Bose® SoundWear™ Companion® speaker

Immerse yourself in your favourite tunes, make/take phone calls, and summon Siri or your Google Assistant with the Bose SoundWear Companion speaker.

The wearable speaker sits comfortably on your shoulders, and moves with you, delivering deep, clear sound. Form fitting to your shoulders in whatever position you leave it, the speaker is comfortable to wear all day—you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

Because the SoundWear doesn’t sit on or in your ears, you’ll also be aware of your surroundings. Yet the sound is minimized for those around you, so you won’t disturb anyone while you listen. And phone conversations will feel more natural, with clear voices, even if you’re in a windy or noisy environment.

Receive discreet call notifications as well, via personalized vibrations. The removable four-way stretch cover adds a layer of protection without impacting sound, and further personalization with several colour options.

Use voice prompts for easy Bluetooth® pairing, and the  Bose Connect app lets you adjust bass and manage connections.


You’ll get deep, clear sound that’s surprising for such a small, wireless speaker, thanks to the acoustic technologies and unique design of the small SoundWear speaker.

The SoundWear speaker features two 11-inch waveguides in the flexible neckband that push air to opposite ports for deep lows. Proprietary digital signal processing cancels out bass for those nearby, so your music won’t distract them.

The ergonomic neckband is coated with soft-touch silicone, so you can comfortably wear the SoundWear speaker during long commutes, or even all day. And with IPX4-rated sweat and weather resistance, you can wear it in the snow or rain, or while working out.


Using the three-button controls, you can make or accept incoming calls, play/pause tracks from your favourite streaming music service or phone’s music library, and access your phone’s Siri or your Google Assistant through the speaker with the press of a button.


With a single charge of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the SoundWear speaker will give you up to 12 hours of play time. Need a quick boost? A quick 15-minute charge provides another 2.5 hours of play time, getting you through that after-work workout, morning run, or commute home after a long day.


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  1. Can a standard I-phone bluetooth connect to more than 1 sound wear unit at a time? For example, could you and a partner could both listen to the same source simultaneously if you each had your own sound wear unit?

  2. Sounds like a great idea. When is this available in Canada, and at what price in retail?

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