Samsonite Ladies 15.6" Laptop Wheeled Mobile Office Case

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you drop a device, like a phone, an iPad or a laptop? Not fun. If you’ve ever broken a phone then you probably bought a protective case for your next one—I know I did! There are also some effective ways to protect your laptop too, like a laptop bag, a laptop sleeve, a laptop skin, messenger bags and briefcases or a laptop backpack.

Today we’ll take a look at the variety of options available at Best Buy Canada.

Protective case

When it comes to expensive devices that we use all the time, and rely on, a protective case is like an insurance policy. Yes, you pay a premium upfront, but it might save you a big loss in the future. While your laptop might fit easily inside your backpack, that’s no guarantee it’ll be safe if you drop that backpack on the floor a little too earnestly, for example. Backpacks often have very little padding or waterproofing, and this is where a dedicated laptop bag or case comes in handy.

A worthwhile investment

A dedicated laptop bag is a worthwhile investment because on top of the protection factor, you also get extra storage features for your peripherals like your charger, external drive, Wacom tablet, etc. At Best Buy, there are a wide variety of bags from respected names like Swissgear, and Samsonite, among others. Pelican offer the most rugged and durable options available anywhere; rigid cases made of polypropylene that seal airtight and watertight. The interior is padded with foam to prevent your laptop from getting scratched. Some models also come with a combination lock for added security.

If you’re not expecting to get caught up in a tornado though, you might prefer something from Samsonite. I really like the minimal design and the well-thought-out storage options. You can never have too many pockets and pouches!

Samsonite Laptop bag

Ergonomic laptop backpacks

If you spend a lot of time carrying your laptop from place to place, then a dedicated laptop backpack might be the way to go. Ergonomically speaking, a backpack is the best way to distribute a load across both shoulders and prevent neck, shoulder and back issues. Jansport and Burton are known for making great backpacks, and both make really cool backpacks dedicated to protecting your laptop and other expensive gadgets.

Burton Tinder 16" Laptop Day Backpack
Burton Tinder 16″ Laptop Day Backpack

Lightweight laptop sleeves

If you already have a bag or backpack that works for you, then you might want to consider a laptop sleeve. Sleeves are slim and lightweight, but offer enough protection to get you through the majority of day to day scuffs and scrapes. Some, like this trendy Targus Strata II also come with handles to give you the option to carry it as a standalone piece.

Targus Strata II
Targus Strata II

For the fashion conscious, Best Buy also carries a range of chic and sophisticated sleeves by Kate Spade, Modal, Bugatti, and PKG. Be sure to check the specs before you make a decision however because you want to buy a sleeve that’s the right size for your device. Also, some models have handy features like water-resistance, which isn’t standard across the board.

Be sure to check out the full range of laptop carrying options on Best Buy.

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