A desk with a computer and monitor set-up.

A room of the home that feels welcoming and calming can make it much easier to get down to work or, in the case of students, down to schoolwork. Whether you’re talking about a dorm, a child’s bedroom where they do their homework, or a computer room in the home, you can elevate the space to make it one they’ll want to spend time in. Here, we highlight five tech items that are worth considering adding to your space.

1. Smart display or speaker

Google Nest Hub Max

A smart display or smart speaker is the perfect device to help elevate a space for a student. They can use it to play background tunes, as a speakerphone while collaborating with classmates on a project, to ask simple queries, set up a calendar and wake-up alarm, create a to-do list with assignment deadlines, and more. With a smart display, they can conduct video calls with friends or even, with some models, use it to surf the web and look up facts and figures for a project they’re working on. My 11-year-old has his own Spotify playlist and uses a smart speaker to play his own tunes while he gets homework done or does chores.

2. Smart light panels

Nanoleaf light panels on a computer desk

Instead of a boring desk lamp, consider smart lighting panels from companies like Nanoleaf that will really elevate the space. Kids can set the lighting to a calming colour that fits their mood while they work, then switch it up to something more exciting once they are done working for the day and want to play video games or watch a movie. The light panels are modular so you can choose how to set them up, and even move things around or add to the design with additional panels as the need and desire arises. The lights look like pieces of art on the wall that can really inspire creativity and transport a space to the next level. I find that the right lighting can really have an impact on my productivity: I need a nice, bright space to get work done. If I’m watching TV shows, documentaries, or movies for research, I love having the lights down low.

3. Ceiling fan

Costway ceiling fan

If your home is like mine, hot air rises and vents don’t always do their job properly when it comes to circulating air conditioning evenly to the top floor. I can be freezing with a blanket and sweater in the living room, then sweltering hot in the bedroom once I go to bed at night. Consider installing a ceiling fan to elevate not only the look of the room or space, but also keep the child cool and comfortable while they work. This is especially if they have a desk upstairs, or if you don’t have central air conditioning to use during the warmer months. There are smaller ceiling fans that would be ideal for a student’s bedroom or the computer room. They operate with a remote control, and even have built-in LED lighting.

4. Air purifier

Mom and daughter on the floor with a Dyson air purifier.

A space that smells good and allows you to breathe in clean air is a great space to work in, and an air purifier can help you achieve that. Many of them are floorstanding models that are attractive pieces of décor as well, to help elevate your space. Some models also provide heating and cooling as needed, doubling as fans, too. Placing one in your child’s room or the computer room will provide a nice space to work. They’ll enjoy fresh air as they spend hours working away on assignments and trying to get homework done.

5. Storage baskets

Decomomo foldable storage baskets on a shelf.

Sometimes, getting a child to organize their room is a chore in and of itself. My son’s definition of a “clean” room is far different than mine. It’s a constant battle to get him to put items away in their place and not use the top of his dresser as a catch-all storage space for random “things” he swears he “needs.” Storage baskets are a great way to elevate the space while also keeping it neat and tidy. A simple set of foldable storage bins with lids can hide all the knickknacks your child has lying around. They can use one for loose papers, one for pens, pencils, and other small items, and even a third for things like winter gloves, scarves, and toques. Use shelving or stack these beside their desk: there are stackable plastic bins as well to consider. This will make items easy to retrieve and the room a little less of a mess.

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Christine Persaud
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