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I'm a Vancouver freelancer and tech enthusiast. When I'm not writing you'll find me on my farm with my alpacas, chickens, and honeybees. Visit my website Survivemag

Fruit Filled Summer Salads – Shelly’s Friday Favourites


The reason summer salads are called ‘summer salads’ is because they’re chock full of fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. But if you haven’t tried mixing things up and adding a few chunks of fruit, you’re really missing out on a mind-blowing meal.

Keep your pets safe and sound with the Tracker GPS Pet Tracking Device

With a cat who loves to sprint out the door and a dog in the learning phases of obedience training, I was definitely up to the task of testing out the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device. It’s a small, plastic tag that hangs on your cat or dogs collar and it lets you track them via the Tractive website or using an app on your smartphone.

Summer recipes, Canadian style – Shelly’s Friday Favourites

This past week our country turned 147 years old, and although it’s a relative youngster in terms of countries, (after all, our neighbor to the south is ripe, old 238 today) I think it’s established itself very well. When you think of Canada you think of polite people, wide, open spaces, 4 very definite seasons of weather, and last but not least, hockey.   But let’s not forget that we’re also a culture based on a wide variety of delicious dishes too, and because of those definite weather cycles, there are some uniquely Canadian recipes that are only really available to be made in the summer.

Cool appliances for hot summer days


If you’re wondering how you can beat the heat this summer, just take a look around your kitchen. Popsicles, ice cream, or a crushed ice drink – if you’ve got the right small kitchen appliances, you’ll be able to whip up an icy drink or a sweet, cold treat to cool you off in no time.

Cool it now – Here’s your guide to choosing an Air Conditioner

    When the temperatures hit 30 degrees in the house, it’s officially time to start using the air conditioner. I remember being completely confused the first time I went out to buy one, but after brushing up a bit on the ins and outs of air conditioners, I was ready to pick the best one for my house. So how do you know which type of air conditioner is right for you?

New feature alert – Garmin Connect has partnered with MyFitnessPal


Tracking your fitness and calories is even easier now, because Garmin announced today they have partnered with MyFitnessPal. Anyone who has a compatible device like the Garmin vivofit can now quickly and easily compare calories burned vs calories consumed using your device and Garmin Connect. 

Summer desserts you can make with your kids – Shelly’s Friday Favourites


I love heat and sunshine, but I still think summer desserts are one of the best parts of summer. Because we’re celebrating my daughter’s elementary school graduation this weekend, I’ve been in the kitchen with kids and up to my elbows in summer desserts. Here’s what’s been chilling out in my kitchen this week. 

Before you hit the road, check out this road trip food planner – Shelly’s Friday Favourites


I’ve learnt a lot about how to travel with kids over the years, but the number one thing on my road trip checklist is always road trip snacks. Packing your own snacks saves you time and money while you drive, and because you aren’t always stopping for fast food, you can eat healthier too.

Preparing for a major appliance delivery


Shopping for appliances is one of my favourite things, and there’s always so much to consider when you’re first taking a peek at what’s out there.   So if you’re wondering how to go from from admiring a new fridge online to having it appear in your kitchen, read on, because this quick guide to preparing for a major appliance delivery is for you.

Mouth watering BBQ Chicken


BBQ chicken is one of those dishes that’s perfect for every occasion. From backyard BBQs to company picnics, served hot or cold, BBQ chicken makes a great addition to any menu. It’s also the best main course you can make ahead, because it stores for an entire week of sandwiches, wraps, and salads too.  

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