Dogness Smart Cam Pet Feeder Review

The Dogness Smart Cam Pet Feeder will feed your pets on a schedule when you aren't home, and it lets you see and hear them when they're eating.

Petcube Bites review

Petcube bites is a pet camera with a twist: when you're away you can check in on your pets and throw them treats to keep them happy.

New at CES 2017 – Petcube Bites lets you watch &...

There are cameras that can help you keep an eye on your pet, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to show them you care, even if you're away? The new Petcube Bites device, just announced at CES 2017 allows you to monitor and reward your dog or cat with a tap on a smartphone.

Review: keep in touch with your pets with PetCube Play

The PetCube Play is a pet camera that lets you watch, talk, and play with your pets anywhere you are, but waht really makes this camera shine is the PetCube network. Read on for my review of the PetCube Play.

Pet tech: new and interesting tech for your pets in 2016

Activity trackers aren’t just for adults anymore, and they aren’t even just for babies. Wearables, not to mention other high-tech devices, are now available in abundance for your pets, too. Check out what’s new and hot in 2016 for the family dog, cat, or other furry friend.         

Help your pet rack up the BarkPoints with the FitBark

Did you know you can add a fitness tracker to your pet's collar? Your dog can rack up the Bark Points by being active when he or she has the FitBark.

Review: Straightforward, simple dog training with the Motorola Scout Trainer 100

She’s cute isn’t she? Polly is a dachshund/Chihuahua cross, also known as a Doxie. Polly’s safety is the reason why I was pretty excited to test out the Motorola Scout Trainer 100. After using it for a few weeks, I’m pretty sure busy pet owners are going to like it over traditional training classes. Why? In a nutshell, it works.    

Invisible Fence and Electronic Pet Doors – Pet Products Go High...

Leashes and collars will do the trick for dogs, and cats can be kept indoors to protect them from the hazards on the roads, but if you have a cat or dog that’s what I call a ‘streaker’ – meaning anytime the door is open they bolt, you have a definite problem that needs solving.

Keep your pets safe and sound with the Tracker GPS Pet...

With a cat who loves to sprint out the door and a dog in the learning phases of obedience training, I was definitely up to the task of testing out the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device. It’s a small, plastic tag that hangs on your cat or dogs collar and it lets you track them via the Tractive website or using an app on your smartphone.

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