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I am a tech expert and journalist with 17+ years of experience in trade and consumer tech journalism. I write for a number of technology, business, parenting, family, and lifestyle Websites, blogs, and magazines. A self-professed lover of tech, I'm also a passionate foodie who loves to cook and bake, a TV junkie, and proud mother to an 8-year-old son.

Did you know Best Buy sells…diaper bags?

A diaper bag is like your right-hand man during the first year, and even more, of your child’s life. It goes with you everywhere, often doubling as your purse as well. Did you know that Best Buy actually sells a wide selection of diaper bags?

Making the most of small space

If you’re dealing with a relatively small living space, whether it’s in an apartment, dorm room, or smaller home, you may encounter some challenges with furniture and decor. Here are some tips on how to make the most of smaller rooms, and maximize what space you do have.

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

The first Mother’s Day is a momentous occasion, and worthy of a little something for the new mom to help celebrate her new status. Here are some great gift ideas, just for mom.

10 things you desperately need camping with kids Part 2

For the second part of this two-part series, here are 10 more cool gadgets that are must-haves for bringing along on a camping trip with the kids to make their, and your life, much easier, and much more fun.

10 things you desperately need camping with kids Part 1

Camping is fun. But with kids, you need to be prepared for everything; from being able to comfortably change diapers, to protecting them from the elements, and keeping older kids from getting bored. Here’s some great gear worth bringing along with you to the camp site.

What Can Wearables Do For Me? I Don’t Exercise

While some believe that wearable devices are exclusively for active individuals – those who run, cycle, swim, and make weekly trips to the gym – that isn’t actually the case. Anyone who cares at all about their health and wellness can benefit from what wearable devices have to offer.

What’s new in baby gear for 2016


For those having babies today, there’s so much cool gear out there from which to choose. From extra-protective car seats, to convenient, fold-up playards and beds, there’s no shortage of innovation in baby gear for 2016. Here, we highlight 10 new items for you.

10 things I wish I knew before having a baby

You’ll be bombarded with advice from so-called experts in child-rearing once you announce impending parenthood. But even with all of the advice, reading, and research, there are still things you don’t quite truly understand until your little one arrives. That said, I’ve broken down 10 things that I wish I knew before having my son.

New tech that will change your life with a newborn

Life is busy. And parents are particularly busy. Thankfully, there’s some cool new tech in three key categories of baby products – car seats, monitors, and strollers – that can help ease some of that stress.

Pet tech: new and interesting tech for your pets in 2016

Activity trackers aren’t just for adults anymore, and they aren’t even just for babies. Wearables, not to mention other high-tech devices, are now available in abundance for your pets, too. Check out what’s new and hot in 2016 for the family dog, cat, or other furry friend.         

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