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Based in Toronto, Jon is a proud Canadian who has a serious passion for gaming. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry with over 20 years experience. You can often find Jon streaming the latest games on his YouTube channel. Jon loves to talk about gaming and tech, come say hi and join the conversation with Jon on Twitter @4Scarrs_Gaming.

My impressions of the alpha version of For Honor

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play one of my most anticipated games of 2017, For Honor. I participated in Ubisoft's, invitation only, For Honor Alpha, and absolutely loved it. Come see why For Honor is shaping up to be one of the must have games of 2017.

Review: PES 2017 delivers unrivaled levels of soccer realism

Take control of the beautiful new game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Konami's PES franchise has dramatically stepped up its game in recent years, greatly improving the graphics, controls, content, and more. PES 2017 will again kick up it up a notch with authentic and immersive first-touch ball control, a more precise passing system, highly adaptive AI, the ability to set up strategies before kickoff, and even more realistic graphics using the Fox Engine.

Review: Batman: The Telltale Series is one of Telltales Games’ finest titles yet

Telltale Games are masters at creating captivating story-driven adventures. Now they've partnered up with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment to bring us their latest episodic point-and-click tale: Batman: The Telltale Series. As Batman, you'll delve into the criminal underworld of Gotham City in a story that evolves and changes based on your decisions. Come find out why you should pick up this game for your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 today.

Review: No Man’s Sky is all about exploration and survival

Developed by indie studio Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is all about exploration and survival in an infinitely expandable universe. Available for the PlayStation 4, your journey will take you to the far reaches of the universe, and only you can decide how far and fast you will go.

Review: Metroid Prime: Federation Force expands the Metroid universe beyond Samus Aran

Join the force The next chapter in Nintendo’s beloved Metroid franchise, Metroid Prime: Federation Force—a first person shooter and sports game—is now available exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Developed by Next Level Games from Vancouver, this independent game developer has been working exclusively with Nintendo since 2004 on hit games such as Mario Strikers, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Metroid Prime:...

Review: The King of Fighters XIV evolves to the next generation

This is the moment The King of Fighters fans have been waiting for! The latest entry of SNK's renowned team fighting game series, The King of Fighters XIV, is now available on the PlayStation 4. Come find out how SNK worked to create an entry in the series that appeals to both hardcore fans and newcomers alike.

Review: Ghostbusters offers four player local couch co-op multiplayer fun

 Get ready for some ghostbusting action with Activision’s latest game, Ghostbusters. Available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you will command a squad of rookie ghostbusters through some of New York City’s most ghoulish environments. Featuring a four player local co-op, you and your friends can join together to take rouge spirits and rid them from the city.

Review: Rocket League Collector’s Edition is packed full of content and fun

 Rocket League Collector’s Edition combines all the fast paced, high-octane next-generation action into one content filled disc. Available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this retail release of the popular game comes packed with four new cars, and all the content and vehicles found in the Chaos Run, Supersonic Furry, and Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC packs. Come inside and see why Rocket League Collector’s Edition will keep you coming back time and time again.

Review: Carmageddon: Max Damage is the carnage-filled antidote to racing games

 The Carmageddon franchise is back! Now with more carnage and mayhem than ever before, Carmageddon: Max Damage is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Set in a world of non-stop laughs, over-the-top violence, and crazy power-ups where you battle it out for the number one spot. Come find out inside why Carmageddon: Max Damage is the best game to date in the franchise.

Review: Mighty No. 9 will test your gaming skills

After three years in development, Mighty No. 9, the Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to the Mega Man series of video games, is finally here. Developed by a veteran team from Japan, Mighty No. 9 promises to test your skills and wow you with its beautiful character design. Come find out if this is the game Mega Man fans have been waiting for.

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