Stormtrooper toasterI know people who have been Star Wars fans from way back. They can tell you exactly where they were and how old they were when they saw the original movie back in 1977, but as for me, I wasn’t a fan back then. I almost hate to admit it now that Star Wars is so huge again, but I didn’t get on the Star Wars bandwagon until they decided to bring back the franchise with the Phantom Menace.

Although I was a late bloomer as far as the Star Wars movies were concerned, when they started releasing the Star Wars small kitchen appliances, I jumped on the bandwagon in a big way. What fan, new or old, wouldn’t want to start their Sunday morning with a waffle in the shape of the Death Star?

Just take a look at some of the cool Star Wars small appliances and you’ll see why they would make the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan in your life.


Star Wars Stormtrooper ToasterStormtrooper Toaster

It’s so cool looking you’ll want to put it on and grab your E-11, but this Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet can’t be worn. You won’t mind not being able to wear it though, because it’s actually a toaster that has the power to turn your bread to the dark side (or the light side, depending on how you like your toast).

With this Stormtrooper in your kitchen, you’ll be able to toast your bread with the logo of the Galactic Empire each and every day. Thanks to wide slots, you can even fit in a slice or two of Texas toast, a bagel, or a waffle if you’re in the mood, and there’s also a toast shade selector.

darth vader toasterIf you’ve prefer a bit of Vader with your morning coffee or juice, there’s also the Star Wars Darth Vader Cool Wall Toaster. Just like the Stormtrooper Toaster, Darth make your morning meal magical and stays cool to the touch when he’s using the Force to toast.





death star waffle makerLight Side or Dark Side? There’s a Star Wars Waffle Maker for every fan

There’s a lot to love about Star Wars Waffle Makers. Not only do they make golden, delicious waffles in your favourite characters including BB-8, Stormtrooper, Death Star, and Darth Vader, but these waffle makers don’t stop at breakfast.

With five temperature settings you can use the Star Wars Waffle Maker as a sandwich press to make a galatically-gooey grilled cheese or quesadilla, as a dessert maker for waffle-shaped brownies, or even add some cake batter and see what you come up with.

bb8 waffle makerBecause they’re non-stick you won’t have to worry about scraping your latest creation off the griddle, and the indicator light glows orange or green to help you speed along when you’re preparing a feast fit for a table full of Wookies.

Star Wars fans are pretty discerning when it comes to what they’d like as gifts, but these Star Wars small kitchen appliances are cool enough that they’d be welcome in any kitchen.  If you have a Star Wars fan or just someone who loves pop culture on your holiday list this year, be sure to take a look at Best Buy’s Pop Culture gift guide for other great Star Wars gifts.


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