kitchenaid for christmasI’m a huge appliance fan. I’m not shy about it either, and anyone who knows me knows if I had the cupboard space I would bring home every new food processor, immersion blender, and indoor grill I come across. I’d also change out my refrigerator and range on a yearly basis.

I love appliances because each one is, in its own unique way, extremely helpful when cooking or storing food. Over the past few years appliances have also been designed with tech features that make them even more worthy of taking up real estate in your kitchen.

Last week I highlighted a few gifts for men who love their appliances, and this week I’m going to focus on the woman or women in your life who love them too. Here’s a few gifts for women who love to unwrap appliances.

One of the best gifts for women who love appliances

kitchenaid stand mixerI’ve always said that the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is the Cadillac of small kitchen appliances. Having one of these on your countertop means you can mix, stir, and whip everything from cookies to bread dough to whip cream. It’s the ultimate kitchen assistant, and one of my favourite recommendations for a Christmas gift for anyone.

Give the gift of a new major appliance

samsung family hubLarge appliances can be gifted too, and if she’s been interested in a kitchen renovation or just an upgrade for a few appliances, there are a few great options for Christmas this year: the Samsung Family Hub and the LG Double Oven Range.

The Samsung Family Hub is more than just a smart refrigerator; it’s also one of the easiest ways to organize your family’s schedules, share photos, and bring entertainment into your kitchen. It has a large LCD touchscreen you can stream TV and movies, and you can stream your favourite sounds via your music provider too.

If she’s been dying for a range upgrade, why not gift her a new range? You can find double oven ranges that let you cook two meals at once, or smart ranges you can turn on or program from your phone.

Clean less, enjoy the holidays more

roborockI never in a million years thought a robot vacuum could handle the debris that hits my floors. With pets, kids, and living on a farm, it didn’t seem possible. Vacuuming and mopping always seems to be my chore too, and because I vacuum every day, I’ve always had a upright.

When I tested out the Roborock Sweep and Mop Robot Vacuum, I realized this was the robot who could take over floor cleaning completely.

This little gem will glide over your carpets and floors, picking up everything it rolls across. It can transition from high to low pile very easily, and it has a large dust container so you won’t have to empty it out very often. The Roborock is a smart robot vacuum, so you can schedule it from the app, see a map of where it has cleaned in your house, and turn it on even when you aren’t at home. You can take a look at my review of the Roborock if you’d like to see more. I’m a definite fan of this and other robot vacuums, and I think they make great gifts.

Make tea time easy

electric kettleI don’t know what I did before I brought home an electric kettle. It’s such a simple appliance but it’s so incredibly helpful. You can quickly boil hot water for tea and hot chocolate, so it’s a time saver in the mornings or afternoon when you really need a cup of something hot fast.

Everyone needs an Instant Pot

Out of all of the devices and appliances I recommend to people every year, the Instant Pot is the one I recommend most. Life just changes for the better when you have a pressure cooker. The Instant Pot lets you saute, cook rice, slow cook, make perfect hard-boiled eggs, cook up stew, and make a roast in half the time.

It’s an all-in-one appliance that saves time, energy, and food prep, and if your gift recipient is like me, she’ll use it every night of the week.

Slumber scents for restful sleeps

aromatherapy clockIf aromatherapy is something she’s really interested in, the HoMedics Aromatherapy Diffuser Alarm Clock is something she’ll love. I’ve tested out this device and I found it extremely soothing to sleep beside. You add water and your favourite essential oil, then turn on the light and listen to the trickle or white noise as you go to sleep. The entire room smells amazing, and it also doubles as an alarm clock and USB charge port.

Aromatherapy and diffusers are always great Christmas gifts, so take a look through the entire selection.

Storage for the wine fan

Wine collecting is a hobby, and if she needs space to store her bottles there are a few great gift options for her. A wine cooler is the size of a mini fridge so it can fit easily in small wine coolerspaces. Some small models can store and chill up to 38 bottles of wine in a controlled environment.

Warm up her winter

When you’re always cold, the gift of heat is something you really appreciate. There are a few ways you could add a bit of warmth to her holiday season. The Dyson Hot Cool is a bladeless fan that blows both hot and cold air, so she can be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can control this fan/heater from the couch with the included remote.

dyson hot cool A goose down duvet is a bedding item most people will skip, but they make great gifts during the holidays. Choose one with thick goose down or a synthetic version if she has allergies and she enjoy the warmth all year.

A back massage cushion with heat can warm her up and work out the kinks of a long day. I’ve used these a few times before and Christine just did a review of a back support cushion, so take a look if you’re looking for a gift idea that dissolves daily aches and pains.

Any of these would make great gifts for women. If she’s an appliance fan like I am, be sure to check out the entire selection of small appliances, specialty appliances, and major appliances on Best Buy. You’ll definitely find something to wrap and stow under the tree this year.

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