gifts for men who love appliances

Shopping for the holidays has begun, and I find it’s always easier to take your list and tackle gifts for men first. If one of the guys on your list loves appliances, and many of them do, there are a lot of great gift ideas for them.

SodaStream SourceSodaStream Source Gifts for men

With the latest soda machine on his home bar or kitchen counter, he can make everything from bubbly cocktails to refreshing carbonated water. The SodaStream Source can create sparkling water in as little as 30 seconds and has LED lights to let you monitor carbonation levels.

Instant Pot pressure cooker

Instant Pot Gifts for guys

If he cooks for himself on a regular basis, he’s going to love having an Instant Pot. It’s a great gift because it lets him make everything from stew to roast to boiled eggs and yogurt, all in half the time and with less mess.

An Instant Pot pressure cooker is so easy to use, anyone can get creative cooking with one. There are also online resources where he’ll be able to find recipe inspirations.

Nespresso Vertuo coffee system

Nespresso Vertuo gifts for himIf the guy on your list loves heading to the local coffee shop for a latte or espresso, he’s going to be really excited to open up a Nespresso. The Nespresso Vertuo can make two different sizes of beverage, and it has barcode recognition so you just put in the capsule and it will create your drink. It also has a milk frother for the perfect latte or hot milk.

Nostalgia Hot dog maker

Nostalgia Hot Dog MakerWho wouldn’t love a retro hot dog toaster? He can serve up snacks for friends with the Nostalgia Hot Dog Maker. Everyone loves the retro style, and it can make 2 hot dogs and buns at one time.



Insignia freestanding bar fridge

Insignia Bar Fridge gifts for men

Entertaining is easy when you have the Insignia bar fridge. With space for up to 115 cans of beer, soda, and juice, it can sit in a corner of your living room and keep cold beverages ready for when friends gather. If you want to adjust the shelves, you can also add taller bottles of drink mix or king cans.

Oral-B Genius X Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Genius X toothbrush

Having an electric toothbrush means he can take better care of his teeth, but with the Oral-B Genius X, he’ll have insight into his brushing habits too. It has artificial intelligence that shows learns your brushing style and shows you exactly where you’ve brushed and where you’ve missed. When used with the Oral-B app, he’ll be able to map out his teeth and focus on the areas he needs to brush.

The included carrying case even has a USB plug so he can charge the brush when he’s on the go. Take a look at my review and you’ll see how this toothbrush can transform his brushing.

Those are just a few great gifts for men who love their appliances. For even more amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list, be sure to check out all appliances on Best Buy right now. Happy holiday shopping!

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