gifts for women who love small appliances

I’m a huge small appliance fan. I’m not shy about it either, and anyone who knows me knows if I had the cupboard space I would bring home every new food processor, immersion blender, and indoor grill I come across. I’d also change out my refrigerator and range every year. I love small appliances because each one is, in its own unique way, extremely helpful when cooking or storing food. Recently I highlighted a few gifts for men who love their appliances, and now I’m going to focus on gifts for women who love them too.

Tea maker

tea maker

If you’re looking for gifts for women who love to wake up to a cup of tea every morning, a tea maker is a great gift. She can infuse her own tea and brew it in one pot. Some tea makers are programmable so you can choose how hot the water will be or how long the tea will steep. You can even choose a model with auto start so her tea will be brewed and ready to drink before she gets out of bed.

Air fryers
An air fryer is a great gift for anyone on your list who loves to cook. Not only do they make chicken strips and french fries healthier because you don’t have to cook them in oil, but you can use your air fryer for all types of different recipes. You can make cake, pie, vegetables, steak, and more.

electric blanket gifts for her

Electric blankets

Electric blankets have come a long way, and I absolutely love having them. When the room gets a little chilly all I have to do is turn it on and I’m warm almost instantly. The latest electric blankets are made from all types of different cozy fabrics and patterns, and they have auto-off features so you can turn them on and not worry that it will stay on if you doze off. There are different sizes too, so you can give her a blanket for her bed or choose a couch-size electric blanket so she can stay cozy in front of the TV at night.

Robot vacuum

I never in a million years thought a robot vacuum could handle the debris that hits my floors. With pets, kids, and living on a farm, it didn’t seem possible. Vacuuming and mopping always seem to be my chore too, and because I vacuum every day, I’ve always had a stick vacuum. A few years ago I received a robot vacuum and I think they are a great gift for anyone who wants a cleaner home. They will glide over your carpets and floors, picking up everything they roll across. They can transition from high to low pile very easily, and some types have a very large dust container so you won’t have to empty it out too often. I also love how you can choose a smart robot vacuum, so you can schedule it from an app, see a map of where it has vacuumed, and turn it on even when you aren’t at home.

breville ice cream maker for christmas

Ice cream makers

Store bought ice cream is always delicious, but if someone on your gift list has ever expressed a desire to make their own ice cream or gelato, an ice cream maker is a great gift. There are different kinds of ice cream makers. You can choose one that has a bucket you place in the freezer for a day before making ice cream or a freeestanding ice cream maker that can chill your ice cream recipe in under an hour.

pressure cooker

Multifunctional kitchen appliances

Out of all of the devices and appliances I recommend to people every year, a pressure cooker or multicooker is the one I recommend most. Life just changes for the better when you have one of these small appliances. Take the Instant Pot for example – it lets you saute, cook rice, slow cook, make perfect hard-boiled eggs, cook up stew, and make a roast in half the time it would take in the oven. It’s an all-in-one appliance that saves time, energy, and food prep, and if your gift recipient is like me, she’ll use it every night of the week.

Essential oil diffusers

If aromatherapy is something she’s really interested in, an essential oil diffuser is something she’ll love. I find them extremely soothing to sleep beside, and to use one all you need to do is water and your favourite essential oil, turn on the diffuser, and listen to the trickle or white noise as you go to sleep. The entire room smells amazing, and some models will also double as an alarm clock and USB charge port.

Digital photo frames

Snapping photos of the kids or capturing a family gathering is more fun when you can display it in your phone. A digital photo frame is a great gift for women who want to instantly display phone photos. You can choose one digital frame or several and she can enjoy her own images all around the house.

personal blender

Personal blenders

It’s easy to make a quick smoothie for breakfast or pack a snack to go when you have a personal blender. This type of blender is a great gift for women who loves smoothies and likes to take their drink with them when they leave the house. They come with a personal cup for blending and have powerful motors so they can whip through ice and nuts.

Which gift will you choose for her?

Any of these would make great gifts for women, and if she’s an appliance fan like I am be sure to check out the entire selection of small appliances, specialty appliances, and major appliances at Best Buy. You’ll definitely find something to wrap and stow under the tree this year.

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