It’s a little unexpected that Bose, a company well-known for the crystal clear, heart pounding audio that emanates from its world renowned speakers, has also designed tech that can help you get a great sleep. You don’t realize how important sleep is until you can’t get your eight hours. If you toss and turn for what seems like hours before falling asleep at night, frequently wake up because of your partner’s deafening snores, or simply need help to put your racing mind to bed, you’ll be happy to know that the Bose Sleepbuds II were made for you—and we’re giving a pair away so you can finally reap the benefits of good nightly rest! 

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Bose sleepbuds II wireless earbuds

Made for sleeping 

The Bose Sleepbuds II are not average earbuds. In fact, they can’t stream music, videos, or podcasts. Like I said, it’s unexpected: Bose earbuds that won’t blast your ears with music. Instead, they were designed with only one purpose in mind: to help you fall and stay asleep. How? The Sleepbuds fit snugly into your ears to passively reduce ambient noise and consistently play selected sounds to mask disturbing noises, such as traffic and snoring, so you’re not awakened by sudden noises and can enjoy better sleep quality. 

Noise masking sounds to lull you to sleep 

The Sleepbuds II work with the Bose Sleep app, where you can browse more than 50 sounds and download your additional tracks to the buds. Bose’s sound library includes noise-masking sounds such as Altitude and Cascade, but also relaxation content like Rainforest or Wanderlust. If you want to listen to some of them, make sure to watch the video review Christine Persaud did of the Sleepbuds II for the Best Buy blog.

Secure fit for all-night comfort 

Featuring proprietary eartips specifically created for the Sleepbuds II, the buds are soft and comfortably fit into your ears. They offer up to 10 hours of battery life so you can listen to your selected soundtrack all night long. Then, you can easily recharge them in their charging case. If you struggle to fall asleep or are a light sleeper, and you are ready to get an upgrade from regular earplugs, enter this contest so you can give the Bose Sleepbuds II a go and see if they work for you!

How to Enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice.

  1. In a comment below, tell us how the Sleepbuds II would improve your sleep.
  2. In a comment on Christine’s review of the Sleepbuds II, tell us which of the sounds she discusses you would prefer to play to fall asleep toBose Sleepbuds II earbuds.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we’ll randomly select one winner from all eligible entries. The winner will win one pair of Bose Sleepbuds II.



This contest runs from November 26th to December 10th.

Remember you can enter twice on the blog as specified in the how to enter section of this post. Do you know someone who complains about their partner’s snoring or that could benefit from using the Sleepbuds II? Share this contest with them so they can enter for a chance to win a pair too!

Win Bose Sleepbuds II Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. These headphones would block out my husband stomping around late at night while I’m trying to sleep!! Haha

  2. This is incredible! I never knew such a product even existed. My mom would seriously benefit from Sleepbuds II because she is a VERY light sleeper and has irregular sleep times due to her work shifts (sometimes sleeping during the day). This would be the perfect thing that would allow her to get a peaceful sleep!

  3. i hear the traffic from people leaving from work early and coming home late so the rainforest sound may help me to sleep better thanks

  4. My wife says I snore, so I’m guessing she would like to not hear me snore. She would probably listen to rustle

  5. The Sleepbuds II would help me fall asleep faster as I am a very light sleeper and it takes me awhile to fall asleep.

  6. It is not I that would benefit directly from this gift. I have the unusual distinction of snoring thru my nose. My mouth can be sealed shut, and I still snore. CPAP, mouth guards, and other items to prevent snoring are, of no use. My wife currently has to sleep in another room. I do not have sleep apnea, but still manage to snore, loudly. I am hoping that this prize would do the trick so that we could again share a rom and a bed.

  7. I have to use earphones every night to fall asleep! My husband makes too much noise and if it’s not him waking me up it’s the cats! Currently using the wired set that came with my phone. It would be nice not getting tangled up in wires!

  8. i am such a sensitive sleeper and any noise at all can keep me awake. these would be a dream to win. bring on the 8 hours a night!

  9. My cat is very active in the morning. Not hearing her play would be a plus.

    Of the sounds mentioned in the review, I’d like Rustle or any other fall-type atmosphere.

  10. I am a light sleeper so being able to reduce any ambient noise and play selective sounds that mask disturbing noises would certainly improve my quality of sleep.

  11. I live with noisy roommates, and often do not get to sleep as a result of them talking over a mic while gaming throughout the night. I would use these to drown out that noise to get a good night sleep!

    Rustling leaves would be the sound I use, based off Christine stating that is what she found was best at cancelling out noise.

  12. The Sleepbuds II might help my insomnia, because my husband snores loudly, and I hear him even from a different room.

  13. I hear the family pet walking around and barking when I’m trying to sleep.
    When the dog wakes up it’s virtually impossible to sleep

  14. Sleepbuds II is a present of angel to save me from my partner’s snore and to enjoy my best musical piece when I fall asleep. The design of Sleepbuds II makes my ears feel free and will not fall out even I rolling during sleep.

  15. These would be perfect for my daughter as she listens to white noise to fall asleep. These look like they would be more comfortable then the current earphones she currently uses.

  16. I am extremely noise sensitive. The Bose buds would be an excellent way to help me get better nights sleep!

  17. I think the would help because I have trouble with my mind racing sometimes. They would help me to calm myself long enough to fall asleep.

  18. I’m a super light sleeper so maybe these would help. The nature sounds might give my brain something to listen to besides the infernal constant ringing of tinnitus

  19. I have noisy neighbours that make tons of sound after midnight, with these Sleepbuds II ear buds I can for sure get some good quality sleep!

  20. They would allow me to listen to a book to fall asleep without getting my family getting mad because they don’t want to hear it.

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