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The Canon SELPHY line of compact photo printers is getting an upgrade with the new Canon Selphy CP1500 Photo Printer (available early 2023). The Selphy is Canon’s range of portable, wireless photo printers that you can use on the go.

Unlike many other portable photo printers, Selphy products print up to postcard-sized 4″ by 6″ photos. They’re a great way to share memories that are ready to be scrapbooked and kept for years to come, all while you’re on the go with your friends and family.

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Canon Selphy CP1500 Photo Printer features

The Selphy CP1500 is designed print durable, long-lasting prints in under a minute each. It includes a built-in, rechargeable battery that can print up to 54 prints per charge and will connect to your computer, USB drive, SD card, or smart device via WiFi or AirPrint.

Compared to the CP1300, you can expect the CP1500 to have a larger LCD screen (3.5″ vs 3.2″) and print slightly faster (about 41 seconds per borderless postcard vs about 47 seconds). At 2.5″ by 7″ by 5.4″, it’s about the same size and weight as older Selphy models.

Print in multiple sizes with the Selphy CP1500

One cool feature about the compact CP1500 is that, like the CP1300, it can be used to print three different sizes of instant photos. Using an optional cassette (sold separately), this new generation of Selphy will be able to print card (2.1″ by 3.4″) and square label (2.1″ by 2.1″) sized photos in addition to its standard 4″ by 6″ postcards.

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Will the Selphy CP1500 photos be long-lasting?

Yes, the Canon Selphy CP1500 photo prints will be long-lasting! Like previous Selphy models, the CP1500 will use dye-sub technology, which finishes with a protective layer.

Dye-sublimation technology, also sometimes referred to as 4PASS, is a type of digital printing that uses heat to transfer dyes of different colours to the printing paper. It’s easy to recognize during printing: You’ll see your images come out first in yellow, then with magenta added, and finally with cyan added. Then, the printer will do one final fourth pass with a clear lamination layer that will help your prints last for over 100 years if stored properly. It does a great job of making each photo look crisp and professional, but also helps protect from damage from hand oils, moisture, and more.

If you’re a fan of Canon portable photo printers, you may recognize this type of photo printing from printers like the Selphy CP1300 or the Selphy Square QX10, which I’ve also reviewed for the Best Buy Blog.

Will the Canon Selphy CP1500 photos be matte or glossy?

In a major triumph for the portable printing world, Canon introduces a brand new portable printing technology with overcoat customization in the CP1500. On top of being able to print in different sizes, this printer will print with a glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finish for professional results at the touch of a button.

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Customize your Canon Selphy prints

The Canon Selphy CP1500 Photo Printer will work with the Canon PRINT Inkjet and Canon SELPHY Photo Layout apps on smartphones and other smart devices. These apps will help you add things borders, text, pattern overlays, and digital stickers to each photo or photo collage.

As a new feature, the Selphy Photo Layout App can also be used to convert a URL to a QR code (to be printed on your photo). Viewers will be able to use that QR code to view a social media page, photo pin, and more, unlocking a new level of Selphy immersion that’s perfect for both family reunions and business cards.

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  1. Happy to see Canon continue the Selphy range. I’m old school and prefer the more traditional 6×4 size prints. Does it use the same cartridge’s and paper as the older printers?

    • Hi Declan! Canon hasn’t confirmed this yet. The CP1500 will print in the same sizes as the older printers, but because the new prints can have a glossy, semi-gloss, or satin finish, I’m not sure if they’ll need to update the cartridges and paper as well.

      Based on the brand’s press release, specs, and photos, I believe the old cartridges will fit the new machines (at minimum), but that they may not be able to print in every finish. My guess is that they‘ll use the same cartridges with an updated lamination process in the printer itself, but I can’t say that part for certain.

      Great question! Sorry I didn’t have a better answer for you!

      • Sounds promising. If they can use the old cartridges then that might be good news for the older printers as well since hopefully the supply of cartridges will continue for them as well.

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