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When it comes to portable photo printers, Canon is at the top of their game. From the pocket-sized Canon Ivy to the professional-quality original Canon Selphy CP1300, Canon has shown time and time again that they’re great at delivering high-quality, portable printers.

The Canon SELPHY Square QX10 Compact Photo Printer sets itself apart from other products in the brand primarily by its size. It sits between the tiny Ivy and the larger Selphy (original), producing square prints in a 7.2 cm by 8.5 cm format. Each print features a bottom white border to create the square, giving the finished result a classic, Polaroid-inspired effect.

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What’s in the box of the Canon Selphy Square QX10?

In the box of the Canon Selphy Square, you’ll find the printer and charging cord along with a sample-sized ink cartridge and sample photo paper pack. The Selphy QX10 comes in two different colourways (white and pink), and is very portable at about 14 cm by 10 cm. There’s a bit of variation in the size of prints that it can produce, too: as you change the size of the border around the photos using the Wi-Fi connected Canon smartphone or tablet app, the prints will vary from 6.06 cm squares to 6.858 cm squares.

One of the things that I really like about the Canon Selphy line is that their devices are powered with a rechargeable battery. It’s built into the design, and is therefore included in the box. I’m a big fan of devices with rechargeable batteries. Not only do they provide a worry-free product experience, but they help you reduce your landfill waste and cut down on long-term operating costs. With a rechargeable battery, your power cost is worked into the purchase price—no trips to the corner store for a new pack of batteries necessary.

Unfortunately, the sample kit included in the box of the Canon Selphy QX10 is smaller than the one included with the original Selphy. You’ll get enough sheets and ink to print just three photos, so make sure to buy a Selphy Square QX10 Colour Ink and Label Set at the same time!

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The small size of the Canon Selphy QX10 

The “right” size of photo prints varies by preference and occasion. So, it’s hard to say which portable photo printer is the right one for you. The Selphy QX10 prints in a very classic size, and I think it’s the perfect step between the Canon Ivy and original Selphy.

The Canon Ivy Photo Printer is purse- or pocket-sized, and creates wallet-sized prints. They’re about the size of a business card, which I have to admit are too small for me. Maybe it’s that I’m spoiled by large screens during the workday, or perhaps that I forget to wear my glasses more often than not, but they just seem too small to me. They’re great for scrapbooking and journalling, but are too small to view at a distance.

The Canon Selphy CP1300, on the other hand, prints only 4″ by 6″ photos. (If you haven’t printed photos recently, this is what you’d call a standard size!) They’re perfect for putting in photo collages on your gallery wall, and are just the right size for photo albums. However, because they’re a little larger, that means that the photo printer is larger, too. The CP1300 is portable, but it’s not something that you could put in your pocket—more of something you’d toss in a briefcase or overnight bag.

Because of this, I think the Canon Selphy Square QX10 is the perfect in-between size. It is, for lack of a better term, my Goldilocks printer! It creates prints that are large enough to see clearly at a bit of a distance, but are small enough that you can just toss the printer into your handbag without worry. Each print is about the same size as a Fujifilm Instax Square print. As a result, they’re ideal for photo chains and dorm room walls.

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Sticky photos in vivid colour with the Canon Selphy Square

Another great thing about the Canon Selphy Square QX10 is that its prints come out in crisp, vivid colour. This is another huge step up in the portable photo market, especially for Canon. Instead of using Zink technology (as in the Canon Ivy), the Selphy Square uses a process called dye sublimation, like the Selphy CP1300 does.

The resulting prints from the Selphy Square are, therefore, a big step up from many similarly-sized photo printers. They’re not as vibrant as professionally printed 4″ by 6″ photos, but they’re very high-quality for something that’s been printed at home or on the go. There are no feathered edges or fuzzy cyan shadows as you see in Zink photos. In addition, Canon says that dye sublimation technology—which is then finished with a protective layer—can last for up to a century. The photos are even water and smudge resistant!

Like other photos printed using dye sublimation, you’ll notice that the Canon Selphy Square prints in layers. First yellow, then red, then black. By the time each sheet has been printed (it takes about 43 seconds according to Canon, which seemed accurate when I tested it), it’s bright and shiny and ready to be used immediately. Each full charge of the Selphy Square’s battery prints about 20 sheets, or two packs of labels and ink.

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Reposition and print with confidence

Canon Selphy Square prints have a lightly adhesive backing. They’re made to stick to a surface, but can also be removed and repositioned. The backing is fairly unique: it feels smooth to the touch, almost like a smartphone screen protector, but can handily stick to walls, smooth surfaces, and even paper products.

The Selphy Square backing (you can find it as “XS-20L paper”) felt so much like a screen protector, in fact, that I tried to use it with the same general instructions. I moved the sticker successfully from one surface to the next, and then repeated the process a few more times for good measure. Then, once it was thoroughly speckled with dust, I rinsed it under cool water and waited for it to dry.

My suspicions were happily confirmed: it wasn’t as sticky as it had originally been, but the XS-20L paper included in my QX10 regained its stickiness once it had dried. It’s sticking to my eggshell-finish wall right now, and is holding on like a champ. For my indecisive tendencies, that was the final piece of information that I needed to know about the Selphy Square. Not only does it print beautiful, shiny photos with fun, in-app stickers, doodles, and layouts, but those photos can be rearranged until I get my finished product just right.

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