Samsung announced some amazing appliances at CES 2017, and I'm so excited to hear that the Family Hub 2.0 is going to be available in a line of French door refrigerators.

Have you seen the latest black stainless steel appliances? If you haven't, you have to take a look at this hot, new appliance style that's showing up in kitchens everywhere.

Gas or electric? Which dryer you choose depends on your laundry needs, but if you're one of the growing number of people interested in gas dryers, here are some benefits you might be interested in.

Looking for a new laundry pair or separate Bosch washer? Here's everything you'll need to know about Bosch washing machines and dryers before you buy.

My parents just recently replaced the fridge in their kitchen, and interestingly enough, the biggest bone of contention between them in their decision making process was where the freezer should be. While my mom favoured a bottom freezer, my dad was a top freezer advocate. And while it didn’t enter into their argument, there is also a third option of a side-by-side refrigerator-freezer. So, where should your freezer be on your new refrigerator? Here’s what you need to know when making the decision.

When you're buying groceries for the first time on your own, you're probably not really thinking about exactly how you're going to store them. If you've taken a dorm room refrigerator along for back to school, you'll have space to spare by following these tips.

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words “humidity drawer”? If you’re like me, the answer might be, “Oh, that’s what those things are called!” Humidity drawers, or crispers (because they keep your produce nice and crisp!) are the the drawers at the bottom of your fridge. They’re a nice place to store miscellaneous produce for most of us, but if used correctly, they can extend the life of your produce and keep everything in tip-top shape for as long as possible.  

 Looking for a new dishwasher? I recently bought a Bosch 24-inch 44dB Tall Tub Built-in Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub and Third Rack to take on the challenge of cleaning up after three teenagers. If you have a lot of dishes to clean and you want them sparkling every time, this dishwasher should be at the top of your list. As an added bonus, it’s virtually silent.

 Our refrigerators are where we keep all our perishable food, so it makes sense that they should be kept clean and tidy so food stays fresh and free of bacteria. But do you know how you should clean your fridge and how often? If not, don’t worry, because that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

If you’ve ever unwittingly poured sour milk into your morning coffee or cereal, or been met with a crisper full of frozen vegetables when you’re about to whip up a delicious dinner, you know that keeping the right temperature in your fridge is the difference between enjoying your food and wasting your food. 


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