The latest entry in the series that influenced the entire gaming industry as we know it, is set to release this May 13th and you can get yourself a piece of the action early. The Doom closed beta happened last weekend and it was intense.  The Doom open beta is coming fast so you better grab your shotgun and get psyched!

This year, more than a dozen years after the most recent game, Id Software promises a return to the roots of the original games. The latest game in the series, simply titled, Doom, releases on May 13th and will be faster, gorier, more brutal, louder and higher definition then the series has ever been before.

Non-stop run and gun action

The latest games single playercampaign will do away with the things we have come to rely one in modern shooters. No more regenerating health, no cover to hide behind and no stopping, in this balls to the wall campaign. An arsenal of futuristic weapons, classic guns, upgrades and more will help you take on the demons within this hellish game.

Take it online for the return of a frag-favourite!

The arena-style combat is back with Doom’s signature online multiplayer action. Battle it out in both classic and all-new game modes. The multiplayer gameplay is a mix of personal skill, devastating weapons, full arena movement and unique power ups. Also be sure to grab the all new demon ruin and play as one of the games demons.

Get ready to fight it out online early April 15th

The closed beta just ended and it was awesome. Now comes the open beta this April 15th to 17th and with it will be two maps, two game modes, a sampling of weapons and only one playable demon, the iconic Revenant. The first of the two maps is a UAC facility and the second is a cavernous area which is rife with demonic activity. The two game modes are team deathmatch and Warpath. Warpath is a king of the hill variant where the hill moves along a set path around the map throughout the entire match, making for a great take on a classic game mode. The weapons are a mix of fan favourites like the rocket launcher and super shotgun, plus some brand new futuristic goodies thrown into the mix. After playing the closed beta, I can certainly say I haven’t lost my skills as this Doom’s multiplayer was like riding a bike. It was so fast and furious, it was great!
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