gta5.jpgContinuing in the already impressive footsteps of the GTA franchise, the first major release since GTA IV came along and redefined the open -world game. A legacy of third person, slice of life criminal action-drama that we’d all dreamed of since Tony Soprano walked into our living rooms, Grand Theft Auto has long been both a cathartic chaos generator, and a compelling ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ narrative that covers all kinds of grey area, but not so much with the black and white. Now with three protagonists, and a new hardware release, it’s GTA V.

 Grand Theft Auto V is developed by Rockstar, published by Take-Two Interactive

Release Date Sept 17, 2014 / Nov 18, 2014

Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One, PS4

Genre: Open-world Action Adventure

Rating: M


Given our collective interest and the excellent work they do at Rockstar, no surprise, it’s been massively successful and a household name for a very long time, a pillar in the halls of gaming. GTA V is simply continuing the legacy, originally released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in September, it hit the shelves of stores and the hearts of gamers with pretty much the expected result. It flew into the market place so fast, the retail employees must have gotten friction burn. Fastest selling entertainment product in history, and that’s just their shiniest achievement, it broke all the other records too, making something like a billion dollars. This was never not coming to next gen, it was merely a staggered release, and there’s a lotta folks out there who have found themselves or will find themselves with some new hardware, and a new dilemna… If they’ve got it already, why should they buy it again?


What’s in it for me? I mean you.

If you haven’t already played a version on the Xbox 360 or PS3 (raises hand), well, this really answers itself, you simply get the very best version of GTA V right out the gate. If you DID get a previous retail version of everyone’s favorite criminal underworld simulator, there’s still plenty of reasons to get on board. Graphical improvements for a start, look, there’s nothing wrong with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, I watched a lengthy session on the PS3 and it looked fantastic, Xbox One and PS4 just have more juice. More of everything, longer draw distances, smoother performance, all those little things add up.


New Gear! New Goodies, New Gameplay, New…. perspective?

Rockstar know what they’re about, and of course there will be a bunch of exclusive goodies my favorite, as I’ve mentioned previously, being the more maneuverable blimp. I am only partially kidding, but the fun doesn’t stop there. All previous updates and DLC are packaged right out of the box, not to mention exclusive vehicles, open world encounters that lead to unique unlocks (like the Deathproof car). Missions, weapons, collectables (and monkey costumes!).

One of the more compelling features, new with the PC, XBox One, and PS4 versions, for me and for a lot of people, is the first person view. Odd that something we take for granted in the gaming space should be so game changing, but it takes something so storied, and gives it (sigh) a new ‘angle’. Seriously, writing this is like trying to step through a bad pun mine field, it’s almost harder NOT to write them. Not just as simple as moving the camera, the shift in perspective alters gameplay and user experience. At any rate, it looks like something you’ll want to try.

GTA Online

Not suffering for want of things to do, the folks at Rockstar added this additional portion anyway. When you get tired of all the side missions, secrets and collectables, hop online and jump into yet another digital playground, this time (break into description of features) Yes, this is on the other versions too, and frankly, yes GTA V Online is as good a reason as any to get a copy, but if you’ve already started in simply port your online character to the new hardware and you’re good to go. Level caps have been raised, and new events added to support the extra bodies, which will just result in more chaotic fun.


A whole lot of stuff awaits

So, if the question was whether there’s good reason to get Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen, I’d say the answer is yes. A good looking game with lots to do, just got way better looking with a whole heaping helping of more stuff to do, all of it unique to the new hardware. I’m not sure about you, but It’s a definite must on my Christmas List this year.

GTA V is available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, XBox One, PS4

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