FORECLOSED is a narrative-driven action-adventure game from Antab Studio and Merge Games. The game is set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense and experimental augmentations. You assume the role of Evan Kapnos as you unravel the conspiracy behind his identity foreclosure. Who is responsible and why? Let’s find out!!


Platform(s): PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia
Reviewed on: Stadia
Antab Studio, Merge Games
Publisher: Merge Games
Genre: Action-adventure
Modes: Single player
ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+)

An immersive narrative

In FORECLOSED you follow the story of Evan Kapnos who lives in a dystopian world where pretty much everything is owned by a corporation. One day, Evan wakes up to find that his employer has suspiciously gone bankrupt and Evan’s identity has been “foreclosed”. In addition, he’s been stripped of his job, brain implants and access to the city Blockchain.

Even has a few hours to prove his identity at the courthouse, or risk becoming a permanent non-person. Barley stepping a foot out of his house on his way to court, Evan is attacked by assassins looking to capture him and destroy his brain implants. Hence the story begins and you must find out who is responsible and why?

What’s particularly interesting about FORECLOSED‘s story isn’t always directly related to the game’s main narrative but the overall concept and ideals of the world around you. In the world of FORECLOSED, everyone is given a cybernetic implant at birth. These implants are essential to communicate and function in the world. However, every newborn is charged with an “identity debt”, which must be paid off. This causes a disbalance as the rich and powerful can buy their way out of debt, while the poor are at the mercy of the corporation that purchases their debt. For example, your debt can be “called in”, which means your identity can be taken away from you and destroyed in an instant.


Hi-tech combat with augmentation upgrades

FORECLOSED is a cover-based shooter that gets its inspiration from other games in the genre such as Deus Ex. You discover and unlock new abilities with an RPG-like skill system. Additionally, you can upgrade your weapons with futuristic modifications like the Explosive or Machine-Gun Rounds mods. This is done by earning XP that is earned from battle or by finding hidden nodes in the environment.

Furthermore, you can enhance your brain with experimental augmentations that give you superhero-like abilities such as telekinesis, which allows you to launch your enemies into the air or hurl huge objects at groups. Moreover, you can hack into different systems to create traps or even overheat the implants in your enemies’ heads. Learning to control your new abilities, fight opponents, and manipulate your surroundings are key elements to success in FORECLOSED.

Interactive comic book presentation

In addition to the game’s immersive storyline, FORECLOSED‘s presentation is like reading through and interacting with a comic book. The game’s cel-shaded visuals and cinematics are presented in both full screen and comic panel perspectives. These are seamlessly blended and transition smoothly between alternative game-play styles.

Keeping in style, sound effects pop up on-screen and the game’s narration is delivered via comic book word bubbles. For the most part, voice acting is good and lends to the game’s 90s comic book style look and feel.

FORECLOSED offers slick Cyberpunk action with a comic-book look and feel

If you are into games that are narrative-driven, have a slick Cyberpunk-like world and comic-book style presentation—FORECLOSED is for you. While there is little to no reason to revisit the game once you have finished it, your journey to find out the conspiracy behind your identity foreclosure is an enjoyable one. Unlocking augmentations and upgrading your weapons and then using the enhancements on your enemies is satisfying.

I absolutely love FORECLOSED‘s comic-book style presentation and adds to the game’s overall charm and appeal. Voice acting is good and the game’s soundtrack compliments the action on the screen. Additionally, FORECLOSED never tries to be anything other than what it is.

You’re never promised a grandiose AAA adventure. Instead, you get a fantastic, value priced game from an indie developer that delivers on pretty much all fronts. Sure there are some issues that I had at times with camera angles and controls being finicky with precise aiming but those didn’t really take away from my overall enjoyment of the game.

+ Immersive story
+ Beautiful comic book style presentation
+ Interesting character augmentations and weapon upgrades
+ Value priced

– Controls such as aiming your gun can be a bit finicky at times
– Camera angle sometimes can make it hard to see where to go or what to do next


Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Lasting Appeal/Replayability: 3/5

Overall Rating 3.5/5 (70%)

Get Foreclosed on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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  1. This game looks like a lot of fun. I really enjoy the comic book like look of the game. The mystery of it all also intrigues me. This game is going on my list to pick up.

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