E3 2018 is behind us. I loved being part of the excitement of this week focused on video games. Fans and journalists go home the head full of memories from exclusive titles they’ve got to try, or see behind closed doors.

My favorite game of the year is The Last of Us part 2. To welcome journalists on Monday’s showcase event, Sony has decorated a room similar to the room where Ellie dances with her girlfriend during a party. What impressed me is the fluidity of movements when we saw the gameplay sequence. Naughty Dog once again raises the bar of realism in their adventure games. Ellie fights with everything she finds. With no hesitation, she will catch an object to throw at enemies without even slowing down her race. I was impressed to see her recedes out of mercenaries’ field of view without turning around and slide under vehicles to hide from them. I would have liked to see more than just the trailer presented at the conference but it convinced me of what we can expect at release.

So much to see!

Despite all the articles written during the week, there’s so much I didn’t have the chance to cover on the blog. This is the case, among others, of the GalMetal, a musical rhythm game for Nintendo Switch. Published by XSEED Games, the title uses the Joy-Com motion detection to simulate chopsticks that are taped on a virtual battery. And look at the guy on the picture. He’s the music composer for GalMetal. He was so nice to let me take this picture.

Each booth in the Convention Center is representative of a flagship game for each company. Here are some that impressed me, including Jurassic World Evolution, who brought a dinosaur to the show floor and Square Enix that grew a jungle around those who were lucky to play the Shadow of the Tomb Raider demo.

Cosplayers are so fun to watch

In addition to games, cosplayers are serious at their job, which mean they are so entertaining to watch. As part of the E3 2018 experience, Dying Light 2‘s infected humans and Rage 2 mercenaries were walking among the crowd. For my part, I took the time to read the Daily Bugle, which was a no-brainer to me.

Over the years, I realize how the week devoted to E3 offers a good show for people attending. Ubisoft doesn’t miss its tradition by presenting its next releases to the sound of the music of the hour during its live briefing. including Just Dance 2019 annual choreography. By not seeing it this year, I would have been disappointed. 😉

All five days, I had the chance to play dozens of games, meet the artisans behind these creations and shake hands with those who make the players so happy year after year. Listening to them passionately chat about their project gives me a unique perspective on the titles I play throughout the year. It is an inestimable privilege to be there.

Thank you to Best Buy Canada for giving me the chance to live this wildly rewarding experience for four years already.

See you next year!

Mélanie Boutin-Chartier
Avid gamer, podcaster and RPG enthusiast, I like sharing my passion for videogames, traveling and eco-friendly living. I've been fortunate to work on M.Net's TV show as an editor before joining the videogame review teams of the late Jouez and Future Shop's blogs. I now spend my time between podcasting with L'Épée Légendaire and blogging on several websites including Best Buy's Branche-Toi. Feel free to follow my streams on Twitch and my feeds on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. I’m glad that you had a great trip. I wish one day that I have the chance to go to E3. Maybe BestBuy will decide to send a lucky reader who comments on video game articles to the show next year. 😉

    I’ll have to be sure to look for more info on that Switch game, GalMetal. It sounds kind of interesting.

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