E3 2016 has officially begun, and EA kicked off the biggest gaming event of the year in a huge way with EA Play. Showcasing tons of exciting upcoming titles such as Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Mass: Effect Andromeda, and their entire EA Sports line-up, this was the moment EA fans have been waiting for. Let’s take a look at what was presented!

EA_Battlefieled1.JPGBattlefield 1

EA showcased another impressive trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter set in World War 1, this time focusing on the immense real-time destruction you can cause within the game. Battlefield 1 will also introduce all-new weather effects, including rain, heavy fog, and sunlight, with each weather situation impacting aspects like your visibility, movement, and even the sounds of bullets and explosions. Expect unpredictable battles with massive terrain-changing devastation in Battlefield 1.

EA also announced the introduction of “Ultimate” vehicles, including armoured trains, airships, and battleships. We saw these gargantuan vehicles in the previous Battlefield 1 trailer, and they alone look to be able to turn the tide of war rapidly in your favour.

EA_Titanfall.JPGTitanfall 2

EA made a number of huge Titanfall 2 announcements, beginning with the news millions of fans have been waiting to hear: yes, the game is heading to PlayStation 4. Other huge surprises include the first-ever single-player campaign for a Titanfall game, and here you’ll explore to the unique bond that Pilots have their massive Titans. On the topic of Titans, EA says that six new behemoths will be in the game, with the first two revealed to be Scorch, a fire-wielding Titan, and Ion, a female energy-controlling Titan. Other exciting reveals includes all-new Pilot moves, including using a grappling hook, and a new progression system to power-up your characters.

EA_Mass_Effect.JPGMass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda did make an appearance at the EA press conference, although not a lot of new details were discussed. Still, Bioware General Manager Aaryn Flynn went over again how the game will be taking to a brand new star system where humans are looking for a new planet to colonize. He also said, rather cryptically, that this is a galaxy where “you are the alien”, hinting that perhaps the game may not focus on the human race after all. At the end of a cinematic trailer that was presented, a mysterious new heroine was shown, perhaps indicating her to be the main protagonist of the game.

EA_Madden.JPGEA Sports line-up

Also presented at the EA press conference were updates for two of their biggest sports games, Madden NFL 17 and FIFA 17. For Madden NHL 17, EA’s Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore divulged that there will be a major focus on eSports in this new version, with $1 million in prize money available during eSports events happening during the game’s first year. These eSports tournaments will take the form of “Challenger, Premiere, and EA Majors” that will differ in their size and scope.

On the FIFA 17 front, the big news here was reveal of “The Journey”, which is a brand new single-player campaign that will put you into the role of a soccer player–with on and off the pitch components. In the this mode you’ll make off-the-pitch decisions that will have a big impact on how your character progresses in the sport. Other announcements include new gameplay features like an “active intelligence system” for better AI, new attacking techniques, and more physical play options.

Did you watch the EA press conference, and if so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments section below!



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