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At E3 2015, Square Enix hosted there first conference in many years, and it was obvious why they have such a large presence this year: so many great games! What impressed me the most is how Square Enix is diversifying their games line-up, which ranges from open world, to stealth, the third-person action, to classic JRPGs. They presented games for everyone, and many of their biggest titles are launching this fall! Let’s take a look at what they showed us: 

Square Enix E3 Press Conference - 2.jpgJust Cause 3

Available on: Xbox OnePS4

Square Enix open their E3 press conference by giving us a new look at Just Cause 3, their upcoming open world video game set in the heart of the Mediterranean republic of Medic. They showed us explosive gameplay footage (literally!) with our protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, having lots of new firepower and abilities at his disposal. This time, you can shoot out multiple tether hooks to latch onto structures, vehicles, and objects to unleash chaos. One example seen was using the hooks to bust the supporting beams of a huge tower, sending it crashing to the ground with an explosive bang. Expect a huge arsenal of weaponry, gadgets, vehicles, and get ready to unleash chaos when Just Cause 3 releases this fall!


Square Enix E3 Press Conference - 3.jpgHitman 

Available on: Xbox OnePS4

The Hitman series is being reinvented for next-generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4! Square Enix showed us new gameplay footage of our hitman taking out targets in exotic locations around the world, like the runways of Paris and the sunny coast of Italy. Gameplay in Hitman is stealth-based, so you’ll need to use disguises or sneak your way around in order to take out your targets, Shot, slash, or even poison those on your contract hit list–the freedom of approach is yours!


Square Enix E3 Press Conference - 1.jpgKingdom Hearts 3

Available on: Xbox OnePS4

This next game caused many people inside the press conference theatre to scream loudly with joy (for real!) and for good reason: it’s been nearly ten years since the release of the last main entry in the series! The game is Kingdom Hearts 3, and it looks absolutely beautiful. In the game you’ll join Sora and his faithful Disney pals Donald Duck and Goofy as you go off on another epic action role-playing game adventure. The producer of Disney’s Tangled was in the press conference room to announced that this world would be coming to Kingdom Hearts 3, and that Square Enix and Disney are partnering to bring more iconic Disney worlds to the game! 

Square Enix E3 Press Conference - 5.jpgRise of the Tomb Raider

Available on: Xbox One

Microsoft showed off awesome new gameplay footage for Rise of the Tomb Raider during their E3 press conference, and Square Enix showed off even more during their show! What impressed me the most was when Square Enix described how much detail went into creating the character model of the game’s iconic protagonist, Lara Croft. They’re putting so much detail into her look, that you’ll even be able to see the pores on her face, and all the scars she got in the last Tomb Raider game. The developers went on stage to see they’re bringing back the “tomb” of Tomb Raider, so expec to explore some exotic and dangerous temples and underground catacombs!

Square Enix E3 Press Conference - 6.jpgDeus Ex: Mankind Divided

Available on: Xbox OnePS4

The next entry in the hugely popular Deus Ex series is coming this fall. Square Enix presented new gameplay footage of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which gave a look at new state-of-the-art cybernetic augmentations (like the Icarus Dash that lets you close gaps fast), and new deadly weapons. Like in past Deus Ex games, how you play is your choice: stealthy or charge in with guns a’ blazing. I can’t wait to see more!

Square Enix sure did host an exciting E3 press conference this year. They showed us lots of great action and role-playing games to look forward to this year, and beyond!

Did you watch the Square Enix E3 press conference? Be sure to share your thoughts on the Nintendo games and announcements in the comments section below!

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  1. Presented games for everyone? Not quite my friend.  Dragon quest fans have been left in the cold.  They only  showed hero’s which is a really bad musou clone when what we really want are the remakes of  7 and 8 on the 3ds. 


    Speaking of the 3ds where the heck was Bravely Second? That’s coming over next year so why neglect that?


    And Vita could use a bit more love other then an offhand mention of 1 game that’s also on ps4. They have other Vita games in Japan like the Chaos rings trilogy… Where was that at e3?


    Being a Square enix handheld fan in north america is suffering :/




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