One thing was clear from watching Sony’s PlayStation E3 2015 Press Conference: they have games for everyone on the horizon. From action titles like Uncharted 4, to fighting games like Street Fighter V, to the incredible announcement that the most universally acclaimed role-playing game of all time–Final Fantasy VII–are all coming to PlayStation!  

PlayStation E3 Press Conference - 6.jpgProject Morpheus

One of the most exciting moments of the PlayStation E3 conference came when Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, came on stage to provide an update on Project Morpheus–Sony’s new virtual reality technology. He discussed the seismic shift in gaming that will soon occur when VR technology hits the market, saying that Project Morpheus is causing game developers to “re-examine with wonder and delight even the most basic of gaming experiences.” He went on to say that most VR games to date have been single-player experiences, and that Project Morpheus will focus just as much on deep multiplayer games that can be enjoyed with family and friends. 


To back up this claim, House unveiled a multiplayer first-person shooter called RIGS, developed by Guerilla Studios (of Killzone fame). RIGS will transport you into a futuristic world for some intense 3 vs. 3 match ups. 



The Last Guardian

Available on: PlayStation 4

PlayStation E3 Press Conference - 3.jpgSony began their E3 press conference in the best way possible: with the re-introduction of The Last Guardian. This is a game that floored audiences with its stunning graphics and beautiful, emotional narrative way back in 2009 (when it debuted as a PS3 game). Now development has shifted to PS4, and after six long years of waiting, it’s finally coming out (in 2016). Sony showed a lengthy gameplay trailer featuring the protagonist, a small boy, who solves puzzles with his gigantic cat/dog-like companion. It was breathtaking to say the least!



Street Fighter V

Available on: PlayStation 4

PlayStation E3 Press Conference - 2.jpgA bit later in the show, Sony presented more gameplay footage of Street Fighter V (it looked great), including the reveal of two new combatants: Cammy and Birdie. Cammy has been a staple of the Street Fighter franchise since Street Fighter II, and now she returns with more moves and is faster than ever before. Birdie is making his long-awaited return after more than 10 years, having last appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Sony also announced that the first online beta for Street Fighter V will be on July 23, 2015, and will last for five days. I can’t wait! 

Horizon Zero Dawn

Available on: PlayStation 4

PlayStation E3 Press Conference - 5.jpgAnother highlight of the PlayStation keynote came when Guerilla Games, makers of Killzone, took to the stage to announce Horizon Zero Dawn, an all-new action RPG set in a vast post-apocalyptic open world. It’s a world where humans are not the dominant species, and advanced machines (resembling dinosaurs) rule the land. You play as Aloy, an outcast from a tribal society that sets out to unravel the mysteries of this strange–and dangerous–new world.












Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Available on: PlayStation 4

PlayStation E3 Press Conference - 4.jpgJust like how Sony began their E3 press conference with a deep, story-driven game, the end the show on the show high note. Presenting new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gameplay footage, we watched an intense, dramatic car chase scene through a heavily populated village. It was an action-packed sequence and made me even more excited for this game (which I didn’t think was possible!)


Of course all these announcements may well have been eclipsed by the grand unveiling of Final Fantasy VII Remake–very likely the world’s most requested remake from fans. This is a game Final Fantasy gamers have waited eons for, and we never thought that we’d see this moment. Square Enix has long dismissed the idea of remaking this game, so seeing it real and live at the show was a moment I’ll never forget. Fans around me stood up, many yelling, and even others crying (yes, seriously!) The outpouring of elated fan sentiment could be felt all across the theatre. This might be the most jaw-dropping game reveal of all time, and the game will be coming first on PlayStation!


What a great showing by Sony at their E3 press conference! There is truly something for everyone coming soon on PlayStation platforms.

Did you watch the Sony E3 press conference? Be sure to share your thoughts on the PlayStation games and announcements in the comments section below! 

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