108539b.jpgThe world is a thin layer, and corporate interests, sugary drinks, and reality TV are veils for the demonic powers controlling the earth. Fighting back is Dante, a young man with both Demonic and Angelic heritage. As well as (ahem)  a “devil may care” sense of fashion, the hero comes armed with a sharp tongue and weapons that hack and slash (and bang!). A third person action-adventure title that loves its combo strings and giant boss demons, is now available in HD for the next generation hardware, it’s DMC: Definitive Edition.

DMC Definitive Edition was developed by Ninja Theory and Published by Capcom

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Consoles: PS4, Xbox One

Genre: Action-adventure, hack and slash

Rating: M

The new generation of videogame hardware has presented an opportunity seemingly too good to miss for many developers and publishers. The HD retreatment has provided an avenue for many worthy titles that, despite success, may not have reached all the audience they might have. Delivering blistering hack’n’slash, third person action game play to the PS4 and Xbox one, the newest franchise to make the jump is Devi May Cry with DMC: Definitive Edition


The Devil you know

One of the big names in third person action adventure, Devil May Cry, or DMC was a stylized, combo centric demon slaying video game with an emphasis on high speed, skill based combo strings and a penchant for awesome weaponry. First released in 2001, the DMC series was developed by Ninja theory, published by Capcom, and would influence games like God of War and Bayonetta. Spanning 4 previous titles the series was beloved by action fans, spawning anime and graphic novels. While the action was truly elegant (if a bit too intricate for this button masher) the character, though beloved by series faithful, was starting to get a bit dated. The cut scenes and dialogue are some of the most breathtakingly cheesy I have ever experienced.  If you enjoy anime at all, you’ll understand completely. At any rate, enter DMC: Devil May Cry, and its new Definitive Edition

A successful formula for the reboot (as Batman and Lara Croft can tell you) is the ‘go back to the beginning’, giving series protagonist Dante a chance to put aside the platinum rock star hair and blood red duster (see what I mean about dated?). DMC follows young Dante as he lives along the fringes of Limbo City, and it’s hellish shadow ‘Limbo’. The civilian world of Limbo City is merely the surface, a front controlled from Limbo by the demonic host that resides there. A stylish and beautiful game, DMC: Devil May Cry was also making a none too subtle statement about the world, while also adding a healthy dose of the old ‘ultra violence’. Not one to forget its roots, the newest edition of the DMC series embraced the beauty of the weapon based, combo string combat, while improving the story and dialogue. It was a successful combination, receiving praise from fans and critics alike.


The Devil you don’t

For a game as blazing fast, and combat focused as this, being locked in at 60 frames per second is a major feature, combined with the HD 1080p up-rez makes for some beautiful action. Developers went over it with a fine toothed comb, tweaking and tuning for the ultimate DMC experience, and packaged all the previous DLC. Weapons bundles, costume packs, the included DLC also featured new in game section played by series character Vergil. Go to the Bloody Palace, a survival mode pitting players against 101 waves of baddies, or if you’re hardcore crank up the difficulty and game speed, or a variety of other challenging mode options.

In a genre that has been quiet of late, the name Devil May Cry has always stood tall. With DMC: Definitive Edition, the series faithful have a great excuse to jump back in at a great price point and get an even more finely tuned experience and all previous DLC. For the PS4 or Xbox One owner who haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a great opportunity to get familiar with this ‘devilish’ title. Stylish, beautiful combat with combo heavy gameplay that requires a level of patience to master and skill to pull off, if you enjoy doing ludicrous amounts of damage to large numbers of demonic horrors, well, the Devil May Cry.  

DMC: Definitive Edition is available now for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4,


Kurtis Diston
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